Study Finds Fewer Cannabis Consumers View Cigarette Use as Harmful

Study Finds Fewer Cannabis Consumers View Cigarette Use as Harmful

A new study entitled “”All things old are new again: creating a population-level “shared reality” of the health risks associated with tobacco use to reduce the prevalence and equality of tobacco use among all Americans, maintainwas published in a magazine nicotine and tobacco researchThe research was led by Dr. Lenny GoodwinCUNY Graduate Professor of Public Health and Health Policy and adjunct professor at the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health in New York.

In a press release, Goodwin explained that more questions are constantly developing as cannabis legalization expands across the United States. We have made great strides in educating the public, especially about the physical health risks associated with smoking.” goodwin he said.

In this latest study, researchers analyzed data drawn from the 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. “Participants’ responses to the question of how much risk they have of harming themselves, physically or otherwise, from smoking one or more packs of cigarettes per day were compared between daily cannabis users and cannabis over the past year.” compared with those who did not use Explanation of press release“62% of adults who use cannabis daily believe that using one pack of cigarettes a day poses a ‘significant’ health risk, compared to 73% of adults who have not used cannabis in the past year. I recognized. ”

Previous studies conducted by Goodwin show evidence that tobacco use is more common among consumers who also use cannabis. “I wondered why.” goodwin he said“Our findings suggest that reduced risk perception for the use of one pack-a-day cigarettes may be one factor.”

“Most Americans who use tobacco suffer from at least one mental health or substance use problem that is believed to prevent them from quitting or continuing to quit. Drug Use and Health Based on an analysis of 2020 nationally representative data from the National Survey of Health (NSDUH) on…” Research manuscript status“…51.7% of Americans age 12 and older who reported smoking in the last 30 days met at least one criterion of severe emotional distress, major depressive episode, heavy alcohol use, or daily cannabis use. I was…”

Goodwin recently spoke at a hearing in New York on the topic of Introductory Resolution 1417, proposed by Suffolk County Rep. Carla Hahn, banning cannabis packages that appeal to children. The study suggests that legalization of cannabis has not led to increased consumption by minors. It suggests that it is one means by which we can maximize the safe and effective rollout of legalization and protect the health, safety and well-being of all members of our community, including the most vulnerable.” said. .

“At the local and state level, it reduces the appeal of cannabis products to young people, as opposed to banning product packaging that mimics the foods and candies traditionally marketed to children (Pop Tarts, Oreos, etc.). enacting legislation would indicate that harm to the most vulnerable members of our community through potential unintentional and accidental ingestion/poisoning has surged in the United States in recent years, with children and adolescents consuming these products. We use it intentionally,” said Goodwin. Interview with Columbia Mailman School of Public Health.

Tobacco consumption is known to cause many harmful side effects. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says: More than 480,000 people die from tobacco-related deaths This includes those exposed to second-hand smoke. However, the legalization of cannabis has certainly contributed to the decline in tobacco and e-cigarette consumption. A 2019 poll found that many Americans think e-cigarettes are more dangerous than cannabis. The EVALI vape crisis in late 2019 and early 2020, led to 2,807 hospitalizations or deathshas also led to increased restrictions and testing requirements for e-cigarettes.

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