Survey Says Americans Are Choosing Pot Over Cigarettes

Survey Says Americans Are Choosing Pot Over Cigarettes

More Americans smoke marijuana than cigarettes. According to new research, This marks a revolutionary shift in consumer habits in the United States.

data, It was compiled as part of Gallup’s annual Consumer Survey and released last week., showed that only 11% of Americans reported being smokers. This is a new low since the pollster first started asking the question in his 1940s.

Conversely, about 16% of Americans are identified as current cannabis smokers, according to Gallup.

For the first time, pollsters asked Americans if they currently use cannabis edibles, and 14% reported yes.

The findings were foreseen in the past decade, when dozens of states and cities ended marijuana bans and Americans turned away from tobacco en masse.

In 2019, Gallup’s Consumer Poll found that only 15% of Americans reported smoking cigarettes, a new low at the time, compared to 45% of American adults who said they were back in the 1940s. The poll showed that 12% of Americans reported being marijuana smokers.

“Tobacco use is clearly on the decline and most likely to decline further in the next few years. Smoking is generally legal but prohibited in many public places, offices, public transportation, and private places across the United States.Each pack of cigarettes contains a stern warning message about its harmful effects.” Frank Newport of Gallup I have written In his analysis of the latest research.

Despite continued federal bans, cannabis has probably never been more accessible in the United States, with pot smokers everywhere.

“Despite its widespread use, the downsides of alcohol have been recognized in the United States for centuries. That was when a bill passed Congress and was ratified in 46 of the 48 states, banning the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcohol. , but it had many other unintended side effects and was repealed some 13 years after it came into force.” I have written.

Gallup released a survey last year that found a new high of 68% of Americans who believe marijuana should be legal.

But as far as its impact is concerned, the country is divided.

In the latest Consumer Opinion Survey, 53% said marijuana had a positive impact on their users, and 45% said it had a negative impact.

However, when it comes to the impact of marijuana on society, 49% said it was positive and 50% said it was negative.

Alcohol is still far more prevalent than marijuana or tobacco, according to the latest Gallup survey. One-third were identified as outright abstainers.

“Future of Drinking presents the most compelling sociological case study of the three substances. Alcohol use has remained remarkably stable over the past 80 years (the period measured by Gallup). Alcohol has been used extensively in the United States since its founding, and its use is intertwined with many aspects of American culture, including social and, in some cases, religious rituals. “If the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, then our best guess is to predict no major changes in alcohol use going forward,” Newport said. I am writing.

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