Tennis Star Nick Kyrgios Calls Fault on Cannabis Smell at US Open

Tennis Star Nick Kyrgios Calls Fault on Cannabis Smell at US Open

Nick Kyrgios tasted victory and smelled marijuana during Wednesday’s second-round match at the US Open.

The 23rd seed Kyrgios defeated unranked Benjamin Bonzi in four sets to advance to the final tennis Grand Slam of the year in New York City.

Kyrgios, however, was clearly being tested by more than his opponent, the Frenchman. asked.

“Don’t you want to remind someone not to do that?” Kyrgios said to the referee. As quoted by the Associated Press.

CNN reported “When play resumed, fans were reminded to refrain from smoking around the court,” the referee said. The smell seemed to come from the concession stand of the stadium.

“You don’t know I have severe asthma, so when you’re running side by side and you’re already having trouble breathing, you probably don’t want to take a breath,” Kyrgios said in his post-match interview. I guess,” Kyrgios said in a post-fight interview., as quoted by CNN.

Recreational cannabis has been legal in New York State for over a year, and public use is widespread throughout New York City.

Under the new law, smoking marijuana is allowed wherever tobacco is allowed. This does not apply to the US Open venue, the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. “No smoking environment.”

New York regulators are trying to curb public strife by creating another smoke-free haven. signed a bill banning “smoking in recreation centers, group camps”. Yes, that includes both tobacco and weed.

“Smoking is a dangerous habit that affects not only the smoker but everyone around them, including families and children enjoying the state’s great public places,” Ho-chul said in a statement. “We are proud to sign this law that will help protect the health of New Yorkers and reduce litter in parks and beaches statewide.”

But New York is New York, so these limits will continue to be tested. And there are far more distractions at the US Open than at other quieter tennis competitions.

As pointed out by the Associated Press In its match report, “New York’s noise was a challenge for many players, with Kyrgios struggling not only with fan chatter, but also with the roar of trains coming from outside the open-air stadium.”

“For anyone struggling to focus on my career, I keep my head down and play point by point, trying to dig myself out of some particular situation. Distractions It’s difficult because there’s a lot of it,” Kyrgios said. As quoted by the Associated Press.

“Of course, there’s also a lot of heckling going on. People are saying things. I have to be very careful about what I say these days,” he added.

Kyrgios, who has a temperamental personality known for rampaging on the court, didn’t seem to be affected much by the cannabis around him.

he was According to Associated Press, “His usual effervescent self during the game was carrying on a conversation with himself and the people in his seat.” I was warned for using profanity if I didn’t feel “well supported.” “

This wasn’t the first time Kyrgios had challenged the behavior of the crowd. At the Wimbledon final in July, he complained to the referee about the presence of a woman, saying, “I think she drank about 700 drinks.”

that woman took legal action She told Kyrgios last month that he had slandered her.

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