The High Times Cannabis Cup Oklahoma 2024 Returns

The High Times Cannabis Cup Oklahoma 2024 Returns

Oklahomans, please prepare your body, mind and soul for this event. high times Cannabis cup! We are pleased to introduce you to some of Oklahoma's best products that have proven to be reliable and powerful medicines for patients across the state. However, we do not hire forensic examiners to do that job. That responsibility will be determined by local judges. We've included a variety of information to help competitors and judges know what to expect from this year's Cup.


If you are a licensed business owner interested in participating, the deadline to submit is July 8-10 this summer. It costs just $1 (non-refundable) to reserve your spot as a competitor. However, note that if he later decides not to participate, he will incur $250 for each cancellation. Additionally, requirements vary by product, so keep the following in mind as you prepare your submission:

Entry requirements:

  1. Indica, Sativa, Hybrid Flower: (300) 1g Sample
  2. Preroll: (300) up to 2g each
  3. Concentrates and vapes: (300) 0.5g samples
  4. Non-solvent concentrate: (300) 0.5g sample
  5. Edibles: (200) Samples
  6. Topical + Tincture + Capsule: (300) Samples


Judges, mark July 19th on your calendars. This is the first day the cup kits will go on sale with our intake and retail partners. All will be announced soon. The judging portal will be open from July 19th to October 11th, allowing ample time for judges to carefully review each product in the kit. Brands receive a report of all judges' scores and comments after the award ends, so your voice as a judge is very important.

Check out the entry categories below to see what exciting products you can choose from.

Entry category:

  1. indica flower
  2. sativa flower
  3. hybrid flower
  4. pre-roll
  5. injected pre-roll
  6. sativa concentrate
  7. indica concentrate
  8. non-solvent concentrate
  9. sativa vape pen
  10. indica vape pen
  11. Food: Gummies
  12. Edibles: Other than gummies
  13. Topicals + Tinctures + Capsules
  14. Hemp-derived CBD


All that said and done, it's time to get excited for the digital awards show. Facebook October 20th (all dates subject to change). The best way to wrap up another year of celebrating Oklahoma cannabis is to hear about all the brands and products that participated.

making cup history

Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana in June 2018 when voters approved State Question 788. Since then, many changes have been made to the cannabis industry, including continuing a moratorium on new licenses until at least 2026. This makes supporting medical cannabis more important than ever. A locally licensed and operated cannabis business.

Times change, but there are always top-quality cannabis products worth trying. Our first introduction was high times The Oklahoma Cannabis Cup was held in 2019 and featured 16 categories. At the time, varieties like Forbidden Fruit, Tropicana Cookies, and Gelato Cake were all the rage, with concentrates made with Grape Ape, Oklahoma Mimosa, Fruity Pebbles, and Purple Punch winning.

After the pandemic, we started leveraging the power of people to judge their products by their first product. high times Cannabis Cup Oklahoma: People's Choice Edition 2020. Winning brands included Garlic Breath, Biscotti and Lilac Diesel, with the equally notable Garlic Breath winning for concentrates, among many other great products.

of high times Cannabis Cup Oklahoma: People's Choice Edition 2021 is another great year, featuring favorites Wedding Crashers, Gelato, Sunset Lunts, Mimosa, Strawberry Banana, and concentrates centered around Amnesia Haze Diamond, Peanut Butter Breath Live Resin, and SK Smash. Things won out. Live rosin batter etc.

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