The Highly Anticipated Full Episode 4 of Canna Cribs is Here!

The latest and greatest from Canna Cribs is here…Episode 4liveThis series features cannabis entrepreneurs and expert growers from across the United States.

Canna Cribs are part Producer network, a private community for commercial cannabis professionals. The Growers Network was built for growers and owners of commercial cannabis growing businesses who no longer get their knowledge from online grow forums. They believe cannabis growers are at the top of this industry and recognize the need for a community that can support their growth.

For those with high expectations Canna Cribs Episode 4the crew visited Los Suenos Farms Learn about this wildly successful 40-acre farm and the services it provides to the local community and the rest of the cannabis community in Pueblo, Colorado.


“We set the bar high for others, but mostly for ourselves. We are really trying to innovate and move forward in this industry,” says Los Suenos Farms Business Development Director of Operations Jarrod Mason said. interview with a network of growers. Mason also talks about how the farm has had to overcome the Pueblo hurdles, the market trends they’re seeing, and how people can expect to see more innovation from the farm in the future. I will also talk about


Canna Cribs is the brainchild of Nick Morin and Nate Lipton, who have seen cultural cannabis shows such as Berner’s. marijuana mania, weedetc., I wondered why there hasn’t been a show focused on growing plants, especially on a commercial level. canna crib began to form.

they Said“Canna Cribs is a documentary series that focuses on the commercial cultivation of cannabis, which is currently on a rapid trajectory into a mature industry. Growing at commercial scale is a very different beast than growing at home. Yes, and we wanted to see under the hood the sophisticated practices that emerged in the commercial space. I also wanted to learn more about how to manage and grow an astounding amount of plants. We have developed an entire industry by sharing the Canna Cribs is just one mode of that content, often a popular topic of conversation for many of our members. , envisions a mature cannabis industry that, like other agricultural and medical products, can meet the needs of both patients and consumers at an affordable price.”

Check out Episode 4herelearn more about Grower’s Network here.


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