The Veteran Chronicles: Gotta Grow

The Veteran Chronicles: Gotta Grow

It’s my great honor to bring another former US Marine Corps 0311 rifleman (just like myself), Tom Land, to this month’s Veterans Chronicle.

Rand is a Marine veteran, activist, proud father and husband born and raised in Reading, Massachusetts. At the ripe young age of 17, Rand bravely set yellow footsteps on Parris Island, South Carolina. This is a tradition that all recruits go through as they transition from civilian to Marine. He was sent to Beirut, Lebanon soon after in his 1983, and upon his return was stationed at Camp Geiger, North Carolina for the duration of his service.

Today, Rand proudly speaks of being freed from the chains of big pharma and the addictions that often accompany that very powerful chain, one that most veterans can’t break. Now, Rand pledges her proud allegiance to her Korean War veteran brothers who led her down the path to medical cannabis. That alone opened his eyes to the healing power and potential of cannabis.

Nearly a decade ago, Rand proudly nicknamed himself “Tom Cape Gardener.” It’s a nod to Rand’s mission to help any veteran looking for the opportunity to grow their own cannabis. Rand contacted other local growers and producers asking for donations of used equipment, seeds, lighting, ballast and more, which he gives away to fellow veterans free of charge. Rand has never charged veterans a penny for any donations. As Rand likes to say, “It’s all about shaking hands,” a motto he’s used since the organization’s founding.

Five years ago, Rand realized his mission wasn’t to travel alone. Rand needed help from other Patriots and veterans, which led to the founding of his organization. Patriots Helping Veterans. It originally started as a Facebook group to help you network with veterans and civilians in your community. Today, Patriots Helping Vets is a gathering of people willing to participate in the organization’s mission to “provide equipment, support, and education for horticultural therapy to U.S. veterans.” Rand and his organization are now partnering with 501(c)(4) nonprofit charities to formally give more veterans across the country the opportunity to become independent and productive growers in their gardens. I am working on becoming Ultimately, Rand empowers veterans and teaches them how to grow their own herbal medicines.

high times: How many years after military service did you learn about the healing properties of medical cannabis?

Tom Land: I learned about the benefits of using cannabis for medical purposes about 25 years after quitting cannabis.

Do you think the end of cannabis prohibition will come in your lifetime?

I want it to be abolished so that all citizens can grow. [cannabis] Enjoy the true benefits of horticultural therapy. I don’t really believe our government can legalize it without it being a shit show.

What are the main organizations and individuals that donate or volunteer to further and grow your mission?

My family has always been my biggest supporters. My wife, Marty, and my children, Josh and Mary, have helped me turn my dream into a mission.Ian Schlesinger purpose genetics We have provided thousands of seeds over the years. Massachusetts cannabis community, without their support, I don’t know where my mission would be. Harvest Cup, New England’s premier cannabis cup, Muskan [and] Boston Freedom Rally. Anthony B has always been in my corner to support our mission, donating and distributing hundreds of clones each spring.I had a lot of help along the way, stonedust.comand pot pocket We have been collaborating on giveaways for many years. Stem Haverhill has been incredibly know where we came from Choice of producers horticultural lighting, petra tools, microbial life hydro, Chill LED grow lights, earth kingProject Delta 518, brothers grimm seedMr. Rick [Campanella] Always beyond that and showing us support. Now the misfits are helping steer the mission in the right direction. They consist of Shah, Rick, Jeremy, Josh, Mary, Ian, Dali, Joe, Joseph, Ronnie, Elton, Kyle, LaToya, and Dan. It’s amazing to see the passion they have for our mission.

Briefly describe the current state of legalization in Massachusetts.

It’s unfair.of [veterans] Those with a real passion for growing pharmaceuticals seem to be having a much tougher time than the greedy bottomliners.them [who] Those who suffered the most during the Dark Ages have the hardest time opening growing businesses and pharmacies. I have had the privilege of following the journey of Big Ed and Ed DeSouza’s dreams.After going through many hurdles and hoops, they Riverrun Gardens, produces some of the finest cannabis in the state. why? Because they are proud and passionate about their products.

What year did Massachusetts legalize medical and recreational cannabis?

Medical passed on November 6, 2012 and Recreational passed on December 15, 2016.

Has Massachusetts added any benefits to veterans as part of its legalization program? Free medicine, free licensing for veterinary programs, etc.?

For all I know, we’ve always supported our veterans with free medicine and FECO. [full extract cannabis oil], along with passing on donated lights, nutrients, clones and seeds. We just recently teamed up with Dr. The Marion McNabb. Cannabis Center of Excellence and Gibby’s Garden [who] Launched the first Massachusetts veterans’ cannabis access research project. A veteran registers and completes a baseline survey, and for just $2 he has the opportunity to receive two 1/8 ounce flowers, two pre-rolls, and a 15 ml tincture (450 eligible veterans only). You can get

Do you think the Patriots will help veterans in 2032?

Hopefully we can legally help all veterans in every state grow their own medicines.Ultimately, I would like to establish co-ops nationwide to cover operating costs. [and] We then donate the rest of the harvest to local veterans [who] I can’t grow and I can’t afford this wonderful drug. Get more involved in lobbying for the right of all veterans to grow their own medicines at home. I truly believe that if states only allow sales and not their own growth, it’s just a cannabis garden [should be allowed] Classes and workshops are free nationwide for veterans, but they’re already paying so much that they can’t even charge a dime.

What is your all-time favorite cannabis strain?

Maui Wawi, aka Maui Wawi, is by far the most profitable strain for me.

Do you have a mentor you would like to commend or thank?

Dr. Howard Irwin took my soil problem to a whole new level using local natural resources. Harold and Keith for showing us what this wonderful plant really is. They taught me instead of growing up.

This article originally appeared in the October 2022 issue of the magazine. high times magazine.

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