Therapists Approved by the FDA to Study MDMA As a Psychedelic Medicine

Therapists Approved by the FDA to Study MDMA As a Psychedelic Medicine

The FDA on Tuesday finally gave approval stamps to therapeutic studies on the drug MDMA.

FDA and medicated MDMA

3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, also known as ecstasy (or molly), is a psychotropic drug that causes users to experience increased energy, empathy, and euphoria. The effects of this drug, when taken orally, begin in 30-45 minutes and can last for 3-6 hours. There is a wide variety of users, from Steely Dan concert people to PTSD veterans. Therapists and scientists are interested in the latter for the time being (even if “Reelin’in the Years” is Bop).

In early 2019, MAPS, an interdisciplinary association for psychedelic research, requested the federal government to conduct research on MDMA treatment, primarily for patients with PTSD or veterans. However, the study was withheld by the FDA for 20 months due to the therapist’s specific risks and concerns about Phase I of the qualified test. Therefore, the study could not be conducted. However, MAPS has appealed for this suspension, saying that the abilities and qualifications of researchers should be approved, arguing that the research is promising.

MAPS challenged the hold due to the ongoing fight with the FDA, where the government continued to question the qualifications of MAPS researchers in other projects. Amy Emerson, CEO of MAPS Public Benefit Corporation, said: [FDA] Neuroscience office. This decision shows how strategic and data-driven strategies can succeed in challenging the FDA’s decision. “

Future research on MDMA

MAPS officially launches Phase I of this study. This will allow the therapist to take medicines for personal experience and connection. At a press conference, a MAPS spokeswoman said it was used to “measure the self-compassion of clinicians providing treatment to patients, professional quality of life, and the development of professional burnout.” Phase I is important to reach Phase III, where PTSD volunteers are tested to see if they are the appropriate solution to the problem. But for now, it is important to gain personal experience with the substance.

MAPSPBC Director, Training and Supervisor Shannon Carlin Said“This supports the goals of the MDMA therapy training program to provide comprehensive training to future providers. Waiting for approval of MDMA supportive care as a legal prescription therapy, quality to patients Build the ability to provide accessible care. ”

Medical and adult marijuana was just the beginning of this drug revolution. Cognitive liberals who want to promote advocacy and activism are encouraged to disseminate top-notch information to educate those in need.

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