Travis Barker on Healing Power of Cannabinoids, Barker Wellness

Travis Barker on Healing Power of Cannabinoids, Barker Wellness

Founded by famed drummer and producer Travis Barker barker wellnesshis own vegan wellness company that combines the effects of broad-spectrum CBD, cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG), and other ingredients.

Unless you’re a barker, the drummer is often not the star of the band. rolling stone Named Barker one of them “100 Greatest Drummers of All Time” Including his role in The Aquabats and, more importantly, as a third of Blink-182. Former Blink-182 alumnus Tom DeLonge transitioned into filmmaking, and vocalist Mark Hoppus of unknown origin recently announced that he cancer free and returned to the studio.

Twenty years ago, Barker joined supergroup The Transplants alongside Tim “Lint” Armstrong (Rancid and Operation Ivy), rapper Rob Aston, Kevin Bimona (Interrupters) and more. Over the years he has worked with Slash, Machine Gun Kelly, Post Malone and too many to mention. MTV crib To meet barker and kardashian familyCurrently, he lives with his wife Kourtney Kardashian and their children.

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Early in his career, Barker described himself as growing up as a “stoner” at Fontana High School in California. men’s healthRecently, however, he seems more interested in healing with the help of cannabinoids, and says a healthy lifestyle is “everything” for him. He went from vegetarian to vegan because of what he did.

Musicians and athletes are turning to CBD and other cannabinoids for muscle relaxation, and Barker began training in boxing and Muay Thai.

“After years of boxing, Muay Thai training, playing the drums, training for tours…recovery became a big problem for me, just figuring out how to keep going and not get injured,” Barker said. talk. high times“I used to use so many different types of CBD products and different lines of CBD, but it became something I was really passionate about, so I wanted to create my own line. Muay Thai Trainee Says CBD’s Anti-Inflammatory Properties It’s what draws martial arts students to the compound. CBC is thought to have moderate antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects.

Barker tried the product himself before giving it his seal of approval. “I take every opportunity I can barker wellness Because I know the products are very high quality and they work for me,” he says.

Enter Barker Wellness

For maximum effectiveness, cannabinoids including CBD, CBC, and CBG can be combined for even better results.

Many athletes, including John Salley (Detroit Pistons) and Floyd Landis (Tour de France), believe that when CBD is combined with cooling ingredients such as menthol and eucalyptus and topical agents, it actually penetrates deep into muscle tissue. I’ve learned that CBD works better if you’re trying. The right tool for the right job, so to speak.

Combining CBD and menthol “definitely” makes the topical formulation more effective, says Barker. “The ingredients have a great scent and aid in absorption. They also have healing properties that help relieve pain and inflammation. The various cannabinoids combined with menthol make the formula so effective. The Barker Wellness muscle therapy balm Great for pain after exercise or drumming. Helps relieve muscle tension and reduce joint pain. “

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just like balm CBD & CBC Muscle Therapy Cream Cooling ingredients are also included and are made with 250mg CBC, 75mg CBG and 75mg broad-spectrum CBD, plus a blend of menthol, bisabolol, shea butter, jojoba, aloe vera, sunflower, eucalyptus and vitamin E.

CBD & CBC Bath Soak Made with a broad-spectrum CBD and CBC blend with moisturizing ingredients of Lavender, Bergamot, Hibiscus, Copaiba Oil and Radish Seed Extract. “I love the bath because it’s such a great way to relax, especially after a long day,” Barker said in the announcement.

Organic CBD & CBC Recovery Gummies Supports the immune system and soothes the mind and body with a blend of organic CBD and CBC, plus vitamins C, D3 and B1 for additional immune system support.

For more information, visit Barker Wellness. website.

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