U.S. Air Force to Allow Applicants to Retest After Positive THC Test

U.S. Air Force to Allow Applicants to Retest After Positive THC Test

Previously, U.S. Air Force applicants who tested positive for THC were automatically barred from service even if they had consumed cannabis months earlier.

According to recent information publicationthe U.S. Air Force will establish a two-year pilot program that allows applicants to get a second chance if they test positive for THC.

“The Air Force Department has established a two-year pilot program to allow retesting of applicants who test positive for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) during admission physical screening at military immigration stations,” the statement said. read.

The Department of Defense prohibits recruits from consuming cannabis products, including CBD products, but individual services must set their own policies on how to treat recruits who test positive. I have.

“The pilot program follows existing DoD policy and builds on lessons learned from the Army and Navy, which have already deployed similar pilot programs. were permanently barred from participating in the DAF.The pilot program offers some candidates the opportunity to retest after 90 days if the waiver is granted. If the candidate passes the exam a second time, the candidate will be allowed to enlist.”

Applicants will be considered eligible for a waiver if they meet the list of requirements. THC waiver applications are subject to multiple levels of scrutiny before an applicant is determined to be eligible.

Exemption applicants will only be considered if they: Have scored 50 or above on the Armed Forces Qualification Examination, have no Category 1 or 2 moral violations, and have a high school diploma (Tier 1, no alternative qualifications). are, and are otherwise medically eligible for service.

U.S. Air Force, U.S. Space Force, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard recruits are subject to the rules. When individuals participate in the Waiver Program, they must comply with the Uniform Military Justice Code prohibiting drug use and the DAF Policy.

The policy will be effective immediately and the pilot program will be valid for two years. After two years, data will be collected and analyzed to determine the appropriateness of more permanent changes to DAF adoption and affiliation policies.

“If an applicant tests positive for THC when they go to MEPS, they are permanently banned from entering the Air Force or Space Force,” said Maj. Gen. Ed Thomas. Said air force times“But as more states legalize cannabis, the prevalence of THC-positive applicants is increasing.”

Back in 2017, the U.S. Air Force expanded its ranks by issuing more medical exemptions to potential recruits who consume cannabis for medical reasons. military.com was recently reported.

Other divisions of the service are taking similar steps.

Last April, the Navy launched its own two-year pilot program. Under this program, eligible applicants who test positive for THC on MEPS are eligible for a waiver. This waiver will allow them to attend bootcamp after his 90-day waiting period, and the program will run until his April 2023. Now available.

Similarly, the Army will mandate a 90-day waiting period if recruits test positive for THC with MEPS.These soldiers can also request exemptions to join the service, provided that if the recruit tests positive for any drug on his second test, they Permanently Disqualified from enlisting in the army.

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