Video Game Streaming Platform Twitch Implements New Policies Banning Cannabis Sponsorships

Video Game Streaming Platform Twitch Implements New Policies Banning Cannabis Sponsorships

Video game streaming platform Twitch Purchased from Amazon in 2014recently released updates to its branded content guidelines, including a ban on sponsorship of cannabis products or brands.

Twitch originally released new rules for branded content on June 6th.burned into‘ logo will appear on the streamer’s video or display. The announcement came under heavy criticism from Twitch streamers who expressed their views on how the change would affect their ability to form direct relationships with sponsors.

By June 7th, Twitch issued a statement explaining that it would be removing the guidelines. “Yesterday, we released new branded content guidelines that impacted our ability to work with sponsors to increase revenue from streaming. These guidelines are bad for you and Twitch, and we will remove them immediately. increase.” Twitch wrote on Twitter. “…the policy wording was off the mark and we will be rewriting the guidelines to be more clear. Thank you for sharing your concerns and thank you for your feedback. is written.

According to Twitch’s current branded content guidelines, branded content is defined as “a streamer that features goods or services based on an exchange of value, such as paying for or receiving goods or services.” there is This includes product referrals, endorsements, channel sponsorships, and more. Under the Prohibited Products category, Twitch will not allow services that violate our Community Guidelines, such as dangerous gambling products, unauthorized sharing of personal information, and “illegal products and services” such as sales, advertising and services. I’m explaining. Trafficking drugs, firearms, counterfeit goods, or other illegal goods or services. ”

Additionally, streamers must not feature sponsored content, including weapons, adult items, tobacco products, political content, and “cannabis-related products, including e-cigarettes and delivery.”

According to Jim Tanna, a content creator who streams on convulsions I’m releasing a video on YouTube, mentioned a ban on cannabis sponsorship, but alcohol brand sponsorship was still allowed. “But what’s strange and what’s allowed is that you can still advertise alcohol. I don’t understand what the hell is going on. We can advertise alcohol but , can’t we promote legal cannabis?” Jimtanna said. “…Let content creators live. Smoke weed. Promote your products.”

Twitch announced it would not be enforcing its planned policy, but still sent an email requesting everything. Twitch Partners Sign Updated Contracts By the “Next Agreement Effective Date” with updated Branded Content Guidelines. If she chooses not to agree to the Terms, her current contract will be terminated and her Twitch Partner status will be reduced to her Twitch Affiliate status until she chooses to accept the Policy Terms.If Affiliate seeks to stream on a competing streaming platform and seeks to leave the platform entirely, the Affiliate shall Forced to pay $25 to Twitch to do so.

JimTanna added that these new rules don’t prevent streamers from smoking freely on their streams, but specifically target sponsorship of cannabis-related products.

Previously, Twitch had implemented other changes to prevent usernames from containing “references to hard drugs, recreational drugs, and substance abuse” except for “alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana.” February 2022. Amazon itself has already taken steps to update its drug-testing policies in September 2021, and in January 2022 appealed to support cannabis legalization at the federal level.

Over the past few years, other companies have also updated their cannabis policies. Twitter has recently refined its policies, including allowing cannabis-related ads containing THC and CBD. Apple removed and banned vaping-related apps from its iOS store in November 2019, but a 2021 update ended the ban that prevented cannabis companies from conducting business through the app store.

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