Virginia Adult-Use Cannabis Plans Halted Due to Failed Bills

Virginia Adult-Use Cannabis Plans Halted Due to Failed Bills

Virginia’s adult-use cannabis sales were scheduled to begin no later than January 1, 2024, but the state’s plans to sell adult-use cannabis have stalled for the foreseeable future.

Initially, adult-use cannabis was sent to the desk of former Gov. Ralph Northam, who signed the law into law in April 2021 by the Democratic-controlled General Assembly. the structure of the regulated and licensed market; However, in November 2021, the General Assembly transitioned to Republican control, as did the House, ultimately leading to the failure of the interim bill.

In January House Subcommittee Rejected a Republican-sponsored cannabis bill that would allow sales to begin before January 1, 2024. He complained of a “health crisis” just before the bill was defeated on his January 25th. “If we do nothing, we’ll have trouble on our hands. We need to protect Virginia citizens from illegal markets.”

according to NORML Development Director and Virginia NORML Executive Director JM Pedini Pedini explained that the outcome of the vote was “completely expected, but still disappointing, and highlights the continued failure of House Republican leadership on cannabis policy.” Without access, consumers don’t know whether they’re getting a safe and tested product, or a product contaminated with potentially dangerous contaminants.”

“This vote is another big disappointment for Virginians, whose majority prefer quick access to retail sales.” Pedini continued“Laws that provide regulatory oversight are the best way for the Commonwealth to protect cannabis consumers. are choosing.”

MJBiz Daily It suggests that these cannabis legislative efforts failed as current Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin was pressuring lawmakers to void all cannabis legislation.

February 14, Senate Bill 1133Sponsored by Senator Adam Evin, taken over indefinitely“It’s legal to own a small amount of cannabis, and it’s legal to grow it yourself,” Evin told the subcommittee before the bill was rejected. We are lagging behind in establishing a retail marketplace that can bring in, offer tested products for adults, and keep them out of the hands of children.”

in odd years, Virginia Legislature will only sit for 30 daysand was postponed to February 25, leaving no extra time to present alternatives to parliamentarians.

Meanwhile, hemp, both the Virginia House of Representatives (85-9 votes) and the Virginia Senate (23-17 votes) passed legislation on February 24 that would create stricter regulations for Delta 8 hemp products.If passed, it will be created New rules for labelsTHC percentages and milligram amounts in each Delate-8 product, etc., and using any language marketing the product as any kind of medical care. I think it goes a long way in making sure our community is safe and that people are buying what they are looking to buy.
The bill proposes responsibilities and controls between the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Virginia Cannabis Authority. Senators such as Senator Scott Slovell do not believe split control is the best course of action. “This is the first step to total chaos.” slovel said“And the reason we’re doing this is because someone upstairs doesn’t want to talk about it.”

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