Weed Delivery Driver Robberies Spike in Michigan

Weed Delivery Driver Robberies Spike in Michigan

Michigan has reported a notable increase in cannabis delivery driver robberies, and officials are scrambling to get the problem under control before things snowball. The Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) issued a bulletin on Tuesday notifying them of an increase in criminal activity in the cannabis business.

Macomb Daily report Officials are concerned about rising crime in the metropolitan Detroit area. Delivery drivers are like ducks sitting with their targets on their heads as they are forced to carry dangerous amounts of cash and cannabis.

According to a recent bulletin issued by the CRA on Jan. 17, officials have “identified a pattern of reports of criminal activity involving drivers,” reporting 13 cannabis product thefts within the past six weeks. . MRAs Post to the bulletin board regularly When problems arise, including when dangerous patterns emerge.

Hazel Park and Ferndale in Oakland County, Utica and Westland in Macomb County, Hamtramck and Detroit in Wayne County, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Lansing have reported robberies. The robberies he started piling up from the beginning of December 2022.

Data show that theft usually occurs at home at the time of delivery. In some cases, armed robberies occurred, drivers were assaulted, and vehicles were stolen.

When a robbery occurs, time ticks away for the victims involved. “Licensees and applicants are required by government regulations to notify the CRA and local law enforcement agencies within 24 hours of becoming aware of the theft or loss of the product, or within 24 hours of the time the licensee should have known. Please remember what you are being asked to do in the marijuana business is criminal conduct,” the CRA said in a press release.

“All suspicious activity should be reported to your CRA (using the form available here) and your local law enforcement agency. Questions can be directed to Field Operations at the Cannabis Control Agency.”

Licensees should also remember to monitor and report suspicious activity to law enforcement and the CRA.of reporting form Available online.

Delivery drivers aren’t the only ones at risk

Delivery drivers aren’t the only ones being targeted by criminals. Just last November, CRA It said there were 117 intrusions in cannabis businesses between April and November. 2022. Authorities also said the incidents occurred primarily at adult-oriented stores rather than medical cannabis outlets.

According to the CRA, the following tactics were common among intruders: Use a tool such as a hammer or crowbar to enter the back door. Or a suspect breaks into a business, takes out as much as possible before authorities arrive, and leaves. According to the CRA, the majority of intrusions occurred throughout Western Michigan between midnight and 7 a.m. this year.

It’s happening not only in Michigan, but also in Oregon and Washington. Earlier this year, Washington had about 30 robberies in a month.

Robberies surge among licensed cannabis stores and delivery drivers Increase the urgency of the need for legislation such as the SAFE Banking ActThe SAFE Banking Act in 2022, which was not as legislated as people first suspected, would solve many of these problems.

“It makes absolutely no sense that legitimate businesses are being forced to operate entirely on cash. am”. Said in a statement emailed to Associated Press.

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