Connecticut Lawmakers Propose Changes to Recreational Pot Program

Connecticut Lawmakers Propose Changes to Recreational Pot Program

It’s only been a week since legal marijuana sales began in Connecticut, but lawmakers there are already considering changes to the new law.

CTPost report On the first day of the state legislative session, a set of new regulations for cannabis programs was proposed. This includes “changes to how states issue cannabis licenses in an effort to further decriminalize the drug and increase safety labeling requirements.”

suggestion, The outlet pointed out, “The odds of being successful and becoming law vary.”

CT post It details the various proposals being floated by Connecticut legislators.

“House Majority Leader Jason Rojas, D-East Hartford, proposes changes to application fees for various cannabis licenses. should pay more to submit more applications. The application fee depends on the type of license and whether the applicant qualifies for Social Equity status. Pays Low Fees Another bill introduced by Rojas would allow cannabis companies to deduct certain costs from state tax returns In recent years, cannabis has still been banned by the federal government in several states. However, there has been a move to allow cannabis companies to write off the costs of state tax bills. It said it would be possible to write off expenses such as rent, salaries, wages and advertising expenses on state tax returns.

According to CT Post, The legislative committee said, “Society is responsible for considering further regulation of cannabis and ensuring fairness in Connecticut’s legal cannabis market, whether it will provide cannabis farmers with a rapid pathway to growing recreational cannabis.” We will consider recommendations from the Public Equity Council.”

Legal recreational marijuana sales began in Connecticut last week, with seven established medical marijuana dispensaries across the state entering the adult cannabis market.

The state’s Democratic Governor, Ned Lamont, signed a bill to legalize adult recreation pots in Connecticut in 2021.

“That is why I am introducing legislation and working hard with our legislative partners and other stakeholders to create safe, regulated markets that prioritize public health, public safety, social justice and fairness. We have created a comprehensive framework to help eliminate unregulated and dangerous markets and support new growth sectors of the economy that create jobs,” Lamont said after signing the bill. , signed the law. “Allowing adults to possess cannabis, regulating its sale and content, training police officers on the latest techniques to detect and prevent driving deficiencies, and committing certain cannabis crimes.” By expunging people’s criminal records, we are not only effectively modernizing the law, but by addressing injustice, we are keeping Connecticut economically competitive with its neighbors. increase.”

Last month, Lamont announced that about 44,000 individuals in Connecticut will have their marijuana convictions cleared from their records early in the new year.

“On January 1, thousands of people in Connecticut will have their low-level cannabis convictions automatically revoked by the cannabis legalization bill enacted last year,” Lamont said in a statement at the time. rice field. “Employers in Connecticut, in particular, are trying to fill hundreds of thousands of job openings, so old beliefs about low-level cannabis possession should not get in the way of pursuing career, housing, occupational, and educational aspirations. not.”

Lamont was elected to a second term in the November elections.

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