Weed Sales on Super Bowl Sunday Decrease in 2023

Weed Sales on Super Bowl Sunday Decrease in 2023

Estimate 113 million viewers We watched Super Bowl LVII (the second most watched since Super Bowl XLIX in 2015) to see if the Philadelphia Eagles or Kansas City Chiefs would win this year. Among those viewers were countless cannabis consumers, but cannabis sales were down slightly compared to last year.

Cannabis cashier purchases average about $84.61, but sales were down 4% last weekend.

According to data collected by Chicago-based Fyllo, pre-rolls were the most popular item purchased this weekend, accounting for 37% of sales. In a statement to forbesFyllo founder Chad Bronstein explained that pre-rolls are selling so well because they’re “the cheapest product in the pharmacy.”

“We find this sensitivity to pricing most important among people aged 25 to 75, who saw a significant drop in consumer spending around the Super Bowl this year.” Add BronsteinAmong the age demographics, Fyllo also found that Gen Z consumers made purchases on Feb. 12, with a significant increase especially among shoppers between the ages of 21 and 24 (whose age 10% increase from tier).

The second most popular product category was “dispensing equipment”. Philo, increased by 20% this year. “Plants” followed him with a 200% increase, and beverages with a 39% increase. Both topical and edible sales declined, down 36% and 25% respectively. Bronstein believes this “could be a response to pricing resulting from rising manufacturing costs, especially for those trying to optimize for high costs.”

Fyllo also found that while West Coast sales declined, cannabis sales in eastern and southern states increased. Sales in Florida he increased by 27%, in Maine he increased by 17%, and in Arkansas he increased by 7%.

Cannabis sales have declined slightly over the past few years, but that hasn’t hindered the cannabis-related festivities offered in Arizona, where the Super Bowl was held this year.

of Trulieve Cannabis Corp. A recent move to Arizona led to the launch of Ricky Williams’ Highsman brand. “The expansion to Arizona is made possible through retail partnerships with Trulieve and Abundant Organics. We are in production,” Williams announced last month. “Both partners see Heisman’s vision clearly and share the same dedication to physical and spiritual healing that I do. Highsman stands for greatness, mental and spiritual well-being.” It is for everyone who seeks

Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers was proud to partner with the former NFL player. “Trulieve is thrilled to begin a limited-time, exclusive partnership with his legendary NFL player Ricky Williams in Arizona just weeks before the Super Bowl is in Arizona.” rivers said“Ricky was well known for his belief in the power of cannabis during his playing days and the Highsman brand reflects his values ​​and passion for cannabis.We are proud to launch Highsman products in the Arizona market. think.”

HARA Brands also celebrated the Super Bowl this weekend in partnership with Rolling Stone Live. His CEO and co-founder of the brand, Bryan Gerber, expressed excitement about what this means for the industry. “We are extremely proud to represent the cannabis community at such a high-profile event in one of the biggest weekends in sports and entertainment.” Garber said“This is a testament to how far the industry has come and we are very excited to be a part of this special experience alongside some of the most successful brands and talented individuals.”

WNBA star Britney Griner attended this year’s Super Bowl with his wife Sherrell Griner. After Britney was imprisoned in Russia for possessing small amounts of cannabis, she was recently named Arizonan of the Year after a 10-month fight for her freedom. Arizona Republic.

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