Weed Vending Machine That Live-Labels, Bags Hits Colorado City

Weed Vending Machine That Live-Labels, Bags Hits Colorado City

It marks a major shift in the way cannabis products are legalized, and weed vending machines that can now label and sell cannabis products in real time have become the new normal in Colorado.

Boulder, Colorado-based Terrapin installed its first technology-enabled vending machine, the Automated Cannabis Experience (ACE), at the Aurora Terrapin Care Station location. For that matter, you don’t need a battender or a human. Customers scan to verify their ID, confirm they are of sufficient age, and follow the on-screen instructions to pay.

But best of all, you can watch the weeds being bagged and labeled alive through the vending machine’s 38-by-30-inch window.

“Innovative solutions like ACE demonstrate the increasingly mainstream nature of the cannabis space,” said Terrapin CEO Chris Woods. Said 9 news.

“Not only does ACE improve sales, but it also offers unique benefits for consumers, including faster checkout, expanded education, and multilingual support. We need to pivot to meet tastes and demand, and ACE offers a truly innovative way for consumers to buy cannabis.”

How many products can one machine hold? One Ace vending machine can hold up to 1,152 weed products (depending on package size). It’s like its own little pharmacy.

The Aurora location acts as a guinea pig to determine how well a vending machine can meet customer needs.

Trevor Vaughn, Licensing Manager for the City of Aurora, said: “Our number one priority is public safety, and Terrapin acknowledged this in implementing this retail option, ensuring that only those legally permitted to consume cannabis purchase their products. It adds an automated layer of protection to human verification to ensure

Robert Schwarzli, president of BMC Universal Technologies, said it took time and effort to get the automated technology to where it is today.

Automatic weed vending machine technology

Terrapin is the first to unveil its new automated machine ACE. MJBizCon 2022and hinted at the introduction of vending machines in Aurora.

ACE can be programmed in multiple languages ​​for better inclusion. ACE can also improve your sales approach as it strengthens the battender and gives you more time to devote to it. Benefits include a human-free “triple check” that ensures only verified adults over the age of 21 can buy cannabis. It also speeds up transactions, the company said.

Developed in partnership with BMC Universal TechnologiesIt is the first fully automated cannabis sales kiosk on the market that fully packages, live-labels and sells cannabis products, according to the company. press release.

“As an established leader in the vending machine industry, we have the manufacturing design, automation and engineering expertise needed to design and develop the vending machines of the future,” said BMC Universal Technologies. President Robert Schwarzli said last November. “ACE is the first-to-market, hands-free vending solution that will truly transform the way people buy cannabis products. We have many unique projects in the industry and look forward to the future of cannabis retail.”

There are pros and cons to the concept of zero human assistance, but Amazon, McDonald’s, Taco Bell’s “Defy” Restaurantand throughout the retail space.

Terrapin also has plans to deploy additional ACE machines at Terrapin Care Station locations throughout Colorado. This gives us a glimpse of what we might see more of in the future.

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