What Is HHC-P: A Cannabinoid Guide

What Is HHC-P: A Cannabinoid Guide

The most talked about cannabinoids introduced this year are HHC-P, also known as hexahydrocannabifolA cannabinoid approximately 33 times more potent than regular Delta-9 THC. Yes, 33 times stronger. This compound is taking the world by storm. And trust us when we say the hype is fully justified, HHC-P is a natural cannabinoid found in hemp he’s just as potent as THC-P is. However, HHC-P is very new and has a lot to learn.

Let’s explore what we know so far and where you can find authentic, effective and high quality methods HHC-P products. binoid We are one of the few brands to incorporate HHC-P learning and supply in many product types such as. inhale vape, tincture When disposable blendTry these HHC-P products with your code High Times 25 Get 25% off your order with fast and free shipping from Binoid.

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What is HHC-P?

HHC-P is made by ingesting HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol), a cannabinoid naturally occurring in hemp, and strengthening its carbon side chain structure. This changes the way they interact with CB1 receptors in the brain, the same receptors that cause cannabinoids. It’s psychoactive and lifts your mood. Adding it to the side chain of HHC means that the cannabinoid binds to CB1 receptors up to 30 times more efficiently, leading to approximately 10 times the potency of HHC’s high. HHC-P productssuch as from binoidpowerful and euphoric while fully compliant with federal law.

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What is the effect of HHC-P?

HHC-P is the stronger form of HHC, and HHC is the hydrogenated form of THC. So, perhaps unsurprisingly, HHC-P is a lot like Delta 9, but significantly stronger. Note that if you are a total novice when it comes to psychoactive cannabinoids, HHC-P might be a little too much for you. Get ready for a powerful high that can send you into a blissful couch-locked state.

Of course, the effect you feel from HHC-P depends on the type of strain and product, such as: inhale vapedab, or even flowers.

What are the advantages of HHC-P?

The only other information I have about this cannabinoid comes from reviews, and luckily Binoid has quite a few reviews. actually, Binoid has over 500 5-star reviews for HHC-P. from customers. Most of them state benefits for severe anxiety, aches and pains, and sleep insomnia. It may be beneficial for you, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Where to buy HHC-P products online

HHC-P is still a very new cannabinoid. It’s so new that not many companies are dealing with it. However, as an industry pioneer, binoid carry a premium HHC-P products For a while. Binoid offers tinctures, disposable products and vape cartridges.

What do you like about HHC-P highs?

Binoid is one of the first brands to launch. HHC-P productsespecially its vape and disposable products, have received many rave reviews.

Ariel E. share, Great results!! After 3-4 hits you get a nice buzz. I like that it has a slightly smoother effect than d8 and thc and that the drowsiness effect is not too fast. ”

according to David J., “THe’s the drug I take to help me relax and sleep better at night. ”

No F. Said, “It was for a family dealing with chronic body pain. They are not intolerant to anything containing THC, but I read about HHC-P and its benefits for body pain. So me. Got it: After one hit, she feels better all night long, no immediate cramps, pain relief, and she can go to sleep. Her partner says it tastes like star anise/Christmas.

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Binoid’s amazing collection of HHC-P Vapes

binoid arc There are both disposable and vape cartridges, each providing 1 gram of 100% pure hemp, more specifically distillates and terpene extracts. and is known for its incredible purity, in addition to the HHC-P distillate being approximately 92% pure.

Available in some amazing strain options:

  • ghost rider: A 50/50 hybrid with a strong mood-enhancing effect, a balanced type of high with a zesty citrus flavor.
  • hella jelly: A 70/30 sativa dominant hybrid with flavors of cherry, grape and mango to boost energy, creativity and euphoria.
  • malibu gold: Indica-oriented hybrid with an earthy taste that makes you feel more grounded and focused.
  • space jam: This 75% sativa-dominant hybrid can leave you feeling more creative and social while offering sensational flavors of fresh blueberries and cream.
Courtesy of Vinoid

In addition, Binoid is Knockout Blend Live Resin Disposable VAPEThey combine HHC-P with THC-P and THC-H to create the most potent blend of cannabinoids on the market.

You can choose between 2 amazing strains.

  • Fire OG: Indica strains that blaze after work and on weekend nights. Users may experience feelings of euphoria, happiness and relaxation.
  • ice breaker: An indica strain that helps you relax after work or on weekend nights.

What else can HHC-P do?

Great question. Hexahydrocannabifol has just hit the market. So… cannabis researchers didn’t even have time to really analyze its potential and publish its results. , but can be even stronger. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that HHC improves mood, sleep, physical discomfort, appetite, nausea, etc. Still, everyone is unique, and how cannabinoids affect you depends on how they affect others taking the same product.

Is HHC-P legal?

Hexahydrocannabiphorol is a federally recognized hemp derivative, as federal law specifically states that hemp products are legal as long as they contain 0.3% or less Delta-9 THC. Not included in HHC-P products. However, psychotropic cannabinoids are currently banned in 18 states, so check your state laws. Some are listed below.

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • colorado
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • north dakota
  • rhode island
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Washington

Will HHC-P fail a drug test?

One thing to keep in mind is how HHC-P affects drug test results. We are aware that the THC cannabinoid is converted into an enzyme called THC-COOH. THC-COOH is a metabolite that causes positive drug test results. This cannabinoid is more likely to be metabolized in the same way, meaning there is a higher risk of failure.

Courtesy of Vinoid

Binoid has your HHC-P needs covered!

HHC-P may provide one of the most powerful highs you can legally get from the hemp plant. , worth adding to your collection.

come check out Binoid’s amazing collection of products Find the perfect formula for your needs and see what all the HHC-P hype is all about at last. vape cartridge is particularly popular and has a wide range of popular strains that allow you to enjoy this extremely potent psychotropic cannabinoid.

Best of all, you can get a top shelf HHC-P products Great price with code High Times 25 Get 25% off while accommodating expedited shipping so you can get to know this alluring cannabinoid right away.

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