Women’s Wellness Brand Holief Taps into the Healing Powers of Hemp, Backed by Science

Women’s Wellness Brand Holief Taps into the Healing Powers of Hemp, Backed by Science

IGC Pharma announces wellness brand, hollyf, which targets women suffering from premenstrual syndrome and menstrual cramps. The medical world barely scratching the surface What cannabis-derived cannabinoids can do for women, and socio-demographically, its mainstream momentum continues to climb at an unstoppable rate.

“We take the quality and safety of our products seriously, as our products are lab-verified, paraben-free, and animal testing-free, including non-GMO products as well as gluten-free products. Women’s Wellness Specialist and IGC Pharma Marketing Manager, Kenya Andrade. high times. “So we really prioritize quality and safety to ensure our customers receive the best possible product.”

IGC Pharma develops advanced cannabinoid-based formulations to treat menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea) and premenstrual syndrome (PMS), as well as other conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and chronic pain in men and women. is also targeted. IGC is currently 2 investigational drug assets For example, targeting Alzheimer’s disease.

Noting the growing market for cannabinoid-based wellness products for women, IGC developed the Holief range. “We changed brands last year and then I took over the role of marketing manager,” Andrade said. “That’s why I’m working hard on science and operations to get the brand out there and to provide relevant medical information.”

IGC Pharma Marketing Manager Kenia Andrade

What Hollief Offers Laboratory report Year by year on the products they sell. “Not because it’s a restriction, but because we’re very transparent about what we use in our products,” Andrade said. “And we like it.”

Hollief Awards Holy Wonder Muscle + Skin Relief CreamFor example, it combines lavender, aloe vera, coconut and jojoba seed oils to effectively relieve persistent muscle stress while moisturizing the skin. Contains 4000 mg of hemp extract with industry-leading levels of hemp.

“We have a very comprehensive product range,” says Andrade. “Holeaf offers wellness products that address multiple aspects of women’s health and well-being, including managing menstrual symptoms and dysmenorrhea, and promoting overall health. Our goal is to provide products that support women at every stage of their life and throughout their lives.”

backed by science

Hollief’s formulation is supported by evidence, not just anecdotal reports.

“I’m a doctor and an epidemiologist,” says Juanita Alveraez, clinical researcher at IGC Pharma. “And I’m now pursuing a master’s degree in public health. And I’m a medical researcher. That’s why I’m part of the IGC Pharma team.”

Dr. Juanita Arbelaez, Clinical Investigator at IGC Pharma

Alveraez explained that hemp extract has been shown to relieve and manage emotional symptoms associated with PMS, as well as sleep-regulating and mood-stabilizing effects. There is evidence to suggest that hemp extract has a calming effect on the central nervous system.

Holief offers topical medications with menthol. Menthol is usually combined with cannabinoids derived from hemp for better penetration into the skin.

“One of the things I have Holi-Cramp Plus Menstrual Relief Cream with MentholBecause it contains 5% menthol, which is the main ingredient in the base of the cream,” Andrade said. “And what it gives you is a hot and cold sensation, which is actually almost immediate. It’s only for external use, but it’s usually recommended for use on the lower abdomen.” contains vitamin E, MCT oil, olive oil, plus 2,800 mg of hemp extract.

“For men, the name is Holy Clamp, but it can actually be worn by men. It’s a hand cream that contains menthol, so you can use it on any part of your muscles, or any part of your body where your muscles are contracting.” You can use it. Relax.”

Again, this formulation is supported by evidence. “Menthol is well-known and well-studied,” Alberaez says. “And it’s also very helpful with pain sensations…so the combination is much better than CBD alone.”

Holi-Cramp Plus Menstrual Relief Cream with Menthol

Harness the broad spectrum of hemp

Some products use broad-spectrum hemp extracts, while others use full-spectrum hemp extracts. Broad spectrum usually means that his CBD is enriched with compounds such as cannabichromene (CBC), cannabinol (CBN), terpenes such as myrcene, limonene and pinene.

“Broad spectrum means it doesn’t contain THC, which can cause psychoactivity in the brain,” Alveraez said. “[It] It can cross the blood-brain barrier but cannot cause psychoactivity. So you don’t get high. It has other benefits such as less pain, less stress and makes you feel relaxed, but not paranoid or high. This means that it contains no THC at all. It is a compound that elevates the mood or causes some psychological activity. “

Full-spectrum CBD products, on the other hand, may contain up to 0.3% THC, but the amounts are tiny and won’t get you high either.

“The cannabinoids we have include CBD, CBG and CBN,” Andrade said. “But we also use ashwagandha, blueberry, jojoba seed oil, and lavender. Most of our products or ingredients are botanical and fruit, so our gummies have a natural flavor and natural color. We do not rely entirely on hemp extract, but on the fusion or mixing of hemp extract with other ingredients.”

The Holief Catalog is divided into four categories: PMS, Sleep, Wellness and Fitness. Our product range ranges from creams to tinctures to gummies to topical remedies that can also help with headaches and other problems.of saw head roll onFor example, it is intended to relieve migraine headaches and contains nerve-soothing herbal extracts. Contains 500mg of hemp, eucalyptus, lavender oil, peppermint, Spanish sage oil, ginger, sweet fennel, camphor and menthol.

saw head roll on

IGC Pharma will be presenting at the 13th Annual LD ​​Micro Invitational June 6-8, 2023 at Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel in California.

“Trust is a major pillar of what we do to build communities and create safe spaces where people can actually interact with their own issues,” Andrade said. “Ultimately, we want to be something of a platform where more people can embark on their own journeys.”

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