Worker Fired After Hanging His Own Painting Next to Warhols at Modern Art Museum in Germany

Worker Fired After Hanging His Own Painting Next to Warhols at Modern Art Museum in Germany

in munich germany Pinakothek der Moderne One of Europe's leading contemporary art galleries, exhibiting rare works by Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Joan Miró, Keith Haring, Max Ernst and more, the museum features paintings by Andy Warhol alongside famous paintings. A mysterious painting was on display for 8 hours.

It wasn't until hours later that museum staff realized it had been illegally hung by one of their own, an anonymous 51-year-old employee and aspiring guerrilla artist. The museum learned of the employee's prank and immediately fired him, but the only permanent damage was two holes in the gallery wall.

The artist seemed to be saying to himself, “Why isn't my art just as good?” And he displayed his own art without permission.The man hung up his work “in the hope of an artistic breakthrough,” a German newspaper reported. Süddeutsche Zeitung beginning reportThis was reported as a police source.

of guardian On Tuesday, the Süddeutsche Kunsthalle confirmed that it had fired an employee from its technical services team after he was caught hanging his painting in a section of a gallery displaying Warhol's work, according to reports. high times In the August 1977 issue, he was interviewed, along with other famous modern and contemporary artists.

The artist says he just wanted people to see his art. A Pinakothek spokesperson said: “Employees consider themselves artists and likely viewed their role on the museum's installation team as a full-time job to support their true mission.” Told. Said of guardian.

There are some things that are better left unsaid. Rather than draw any more attention to it, museum staff decided to leave it there until closing time. “The decision has been taken to keep the painting on display while the gallery is open and to remove it after closing time at 6pm,” the spokesperson continued.

The Pinakothek decided to hide photos of his art from the public in order to prevent the mischief of imitators. “All I can say is that we have not received any positive feedback regarding this addition from visitors to the gallery,” the spokesperson quipped. The museum is located in Munich's Kunsthalal museum district and also displays notable works of architecture and design.

of new york times called it “Reverse Art Robbery”The act of an artist displaying his or her work on a museum wall without permission. Also known as guerrilla art, it is an art form perfected by artists like Banksy.

The employee had access to the gallery during off-hours and did not attract the attention of security personnel. He quietly installed a 60cm x 120cm self-made painting on a blank white wall in the hallway of the gallery on the first floor of the East Building.

The incident occurred on February 23rd, but the museum did not make it public until last Monday.

Regarding Warhol, he said this in an interview. high timeswhen he gets drunk, he says, “I tell anyone I can be on the cover of a magazine. interview” Warhol introduced a brand of pop art, colorful screen-printed art that could be produced on a more efficient scale, sold for millions of dollars during his lifetime, and is credited with transforming the definition of art.

The German artist from Munich has made an impression and, in Warhol's words, is getting his own “15 minutes of fame” thanks to a prank that cost him his job.

The German man is not alone; other artists have made a name for themselves through guerilla art, including the anonymous artist Banksy.

From October 2003 to May 2005, Banksy set foot in some of the most acclaimed and important museums He has been to London and New York to exhibit some of his work.

He or she probably smokes marijuana. A prank at the Bristol Art Museum during England's Edwardian era. Museum visitors had fun taking part in the 'Find Banksy' game It is in the permanent collection. One such piece included an “obviously used hash pipe” hand-painted inside the pottery, but clearly visible.

Banksy seems to prefer hash resin. For example, in 2003, Banksy illegally hung her own work in the prestigious Tate Britain (formerly known as the National Gallery of British Art).He said he was inspired by cannabis resin in the act.. His self-made work was titled “Crimewatch Britain Ruined the Countryside for Us All'' and was placed next to a 19th century landscape.

All graffiti art is guerrilla art in the sense that it is illegal and without permission. This artist was inspired to hang his work and display it to the world, with or without anyone's permission.

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