Zelensky Pushes Medical Cannabis Legalization To Aid Ukrainians Suffering ‘Trauma of War’

Zelensky Pushes Medical Cannabis Legalization To Aid Ukrainians Suffering ‘Trauma of War’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky convened lawmakers on Wednesday He has called for medical marijuana legalization, saying the treatment could help people in the country suffering from the “trauma of war.”

Mr Zelensky made this comment in an address to parliament.

“With proper scientific research and production control in Ukraine, we need to eventually legalize cannabis-based medicines fairly for everyone who needs them,” Zelensky said. As quoted by UPI.

“All the best practices in the world, all the most effective policies, all solutions, no matter how difficult and unusual it may seem, so that Ukrainians, all people, do not have to endure pain. , must apply to Ukraine: the stress and trauma of war, according to news outlets, ”he added.

Russia invaded and then occupied parts of Ukraine last year, marking a escalation in bloody and costly hostilities between the two countries. in April, Reuterscited a “treasury of alleged US intelligence documents” published online and estimated that “as many as 354,000 Russian and Ukrainian soldiers were killed or wounded in the war in Ukraine.”

As UPI pointed out, “Zelensky’s support for medical marijuana legalization has been consistent, as evidenced by his statement during the 2019 presidential election that it was ‘normal’ for people to have access to ‘droplets’ of cannabis. I am maintaining a good attitude.”

Mr Zelensky’s comments on Wednesday also echoed recent statements by ministers.

Earlier this month, Ukraine’s Health Minister Viktor Lyashko said in a Facebook post that the government had submitted a bill to legalize medical cannabis treatment. In the post, Liashko cited the ongoing war with Russia as a reason for making the treatment available.

“We understand that war has a negative impact on mental health camps,” Liashko wrote in a Facebook post. “We understand the number of people who will need medical attention at the time of their death.”

“Cannabis drugs are not ‘competitive’ drugs, and the means of regulating their distribution are quite different. It is not suitable for its intended use,” Riashko continued. “At the same time, we have set the legislature ready for a new cycle of production of cannabis-based preparations in Ukraine: from the development of processing to full production.”

During the first month of Russia’s invasion last year, many U.S. cannabis companies embarked on financial aid to Ukraine.

MediThrive CEO Misha Breyburg donated proceeds from cannabis sales to charities that help Ukrainians. Breiberg also painted the Medithive pharmacy in San Francisco’s Mission District in the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a tragic event for Medislive’s founders. Yes,” the company said in a statement at the time. “MediThrive believes that medicines and quality healthcare should be accessible to everyone. ‘Medi’ in our name stands as a medical cannabis dispensary that fills cannabis prescriptions for cancer and AIDS patients. It tells the story of our humble beginnings. In the 1990s, the pharmacy opened its doors to patients under the Compassionate Care Act of the United States. We are San Francisco’s oldest cannabis dispensary and delivery service hub. Today, we are more than just a medical and recreational cannabis provider. Our roots run deep in our community. ”

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