82-Year-Old German Pot Dealer Gets ‘Very Last Warning’

82-Year-Old German Pot Dealer Gets ‘Very Last Warning’

A German in his 80s is doing his last bit.

The Associated Press reported A court in the northern German town of Aurich “has given an 82-year-old man convicted of drug trafficking despite 24 previous convictions a ‘final warning’ to avoid prison,” it said.

The defendant, identified only as a former sailor, “said he wanted to increase his meager €800 (£690) monthly pension by selling marijuana” and was reportedly “given a suspended sentence” by a court in Aurich. ing.

The Associated Press, citing German news agency dpa, said, “Prosecutors have asked the court to impose a 34-month prison sentence, given the man’s long criminal record and existing suspended sentence.” However, the judge “said he would make an exception, classifying the recent offense as a ‘less serious offense’ because of the man’s particular circumstances and recent health problems. “

“The DPA said the presiding judge told defendants that this was their ‘final warning,'” it said. According to Associated Press.

In recent years, Germany has emerged as a major focus of the European debate over cannabis legalization.

After the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) won the most votes in the 2021 elections, they formed a new government in coalition with the Green Party and the Free Democrats (FDP). Coalition leaders have vowed to push for marijuana legalization immediately.

A coalition spokesperson said at the time that it would “introduce controlled distribution of cannabis to adults for consumption in licensed stores.” “This will control quality, prevent the introduction of contaminants and ensure the protection of minors. We plan to assess the social impact of this law in four years.”

Earlier this year, German leaders unveiled the scope of their legalization plan, which was clearly narrower than originally envisioned.

In April, the government “launched a curtailment plan to liberalize domestic regulations on cannabis, including decriminalizing possession of limited amounts and allowing members of non-profit ‘cannabis clubs’ to purchase marijuana for recreational purposes.” I did,” reported the Associated Press. time.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said: “As a second step, the German authorities also envisage setting up a regional pilot project to sell cannabis through the ‘commercial supply chain’.” But the proposal, unlike the one he put forward in October, would allow licensed outlets to sell cannabis to adults nationwide. ” The Associated Press continued. “The German government has revised the plan after consultation with the European Union Executive Committee. You can say that there is,” he said. Mr Lauterbach has long warned that the government will only proceed with its original plans if the EU gives it the go-ahead. “

According to the Associated Press, the proposed new cannabis law would “legalize the possession of up to 25 grams (nearly one ounce) of cannabis for recreational purposes and allow individuals to grow up to three plants. “The measure will allow German residents over the age of 18 to join non-profit ‘cannabis clubs’, each with up to 500 members, to grow cannabis for the personal consumption of their members.” while individuals are limited to 50 grams per month “up to 25 grams per day or allowed to purchase up to that”, which is limited to 30 grams for adults under the age of 21. will be “

Lauterbach Said In April, he said the response from the EU was “on the one hand perhaps a disappointment for us, but on the other hand it is also an opportunity – an opportunity to lay the foundations for European cannabis policy with well-conducted research.” .

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