Kansas City Royals Partners with Pure Spectrum CBD

Kansas City Royals Partners with Pure Spectrum CBD

The Kansas City Royals last week became the second Major League Baseball (MLB) team to officially partner with a CBD company. pure spectrum He announced his connection with the Kansas City Royals as a “trusted wellness partner” on Instagram and Facebook. “Pure Spectrum is thrilled to announce our new partnership with @kcroyals and can’t wait to see you on the field.” company I wrote this online on June 6th.

Pure Spectrum also released a statement from the Kansas City Royals. “The Kansas City Royals are proud to announce our partnership with Pure Spectrum CBD, a pioneer in the hemp industry and a leading manufacturer of high-quality CBD products.” mentioned in the post. “This partnership will focus on educating fans about the potential benefits of CBD to the endocannabinoid system and overall health.”

“The Kansas City Royals are proud to be the second MLB team to partner with a company like Pure Spectrum,” said Kansas City Royals executive vice president and chief commercial and community impact. said the person responsible. Sarah Tourville. “For this organization, this opportunity provides an opportunity to support brands with ties to Kansas City and educate the community about the benefits of CBD.”

The partnership also included the launch of the Pure Spectrum Lodge, which opened at the team’s Kauffman Stadium on June 2nd. “Equipped with fans and misters, this space is designed to provide a place for fans to relax and watch the game while learning about the positive effects of CBD.” Press release mention.

according to star land news, Dan Huerter, CEO of Pure Spectrum, hails from the region. “As someone who grew up in Kansas City, this partnership with the Kansas City Royals is more than just a ‘dream come true’ for me,” Harter said. “It is an incredible honor to work with such an iconic organization and participate in promoting health in our home communities.”

The first team to partner with a CBD company was the Chicago Cubs in April. “MLB’s opening of the CBD category to clubs allows us to explore new partnership opportunities and propositions,” said Alex Seyferth, vice president of corporate partnerships for the Chicago Cubs. rice field. “We are proud to be the first club to partner with a CBD company, but more important to us was making sure the brand was right. A company based in Wrigley that helps promote overall wellness and reduce the stressors of everyday life, like Friday’s 1:20 game at Wrigley Field.”

The partnership included multiple billboards within Wrigley Field and international distribution rights in the UK later this year.

In December 2019, just five months after Los Angeles Angels star Tyler Skaggs was found dead in his hotel room from an opioid overdose, MLB removed cannabis from its list of “drugs of abuse.” Deleted. “The opioid epidemic in our country is a major concern for Major League Baseball,” said MLB Deputy Commissioner and Chief Legal Officer Dan Halem. “We hope this agreement, based on the principles of prevention, treatment, awareness and education, will help protect the health and safety of our athletes.”

of February 2020MLB has announced that players are allowed to smoke cannabis, but cannot sponsor cannabis companies.

Other sports organizations, such as the National Basketball Association (NBA), have also embraced the new cannabis policies. As of April, the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association are working on a deal to remove cannabis from the banned substance list and also allow players to promote and invest in cannabis companies.

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