A Year Being Weird, and Where We Go From Here

A Year Being Weird, and Where We Go From Here

Damn, can you believe I’ve been doing this weird thing for another year? Just yesterday I was writing the foreword and wanted to make more space.Inspired by a random submission I received earlier, I convinced my boss that it makes sense to call this new section “WEIRDOS” I feel like I was trying

Currently, this section alone has generated over one million impressions, creating a social factor that is difficult to measure. Conversations generated around these topics are the goal of this effort, and as you continue to talk about these issues, the industry as a whole will benefit from our collective understanding. That being said, I didn’t expect so many of you to respond so quickly. It was great to continue these conversations with you all in real life and on social platforms.

But let’s put that into perspective right away. We post up to 27 pieces each week on .com throughout the year. This equates to over 1,400 cases per year, but only 52 cases total for this section. Most of our content is news and features about the people and brands that make our community great. So while these rants make up less than 4% of our annual content, he has single-handedly accounted for a significant portion of our digital and social reach over the past year. As you know, these are not the same as your typical news stories enhanced by his SEO and news roundups. No, these are seen because you share them, respond to them, and discuss them. I am very grateful to you. Even if you come to disagree with us, you keep the conversation going, and that’s what we’re looking for. We are not always right, but nothing gets done by standing still. We can be wrong in the sense of moving forward, and I think there is freedom in that. As I said at the beginning, many of these issues don’t have clear answers and the only way to solve them is by talking. together.

first wave

Over the past year, we’ve set out to tackle some of the biggest problems facing our industry and culture today. From talk about THC % being bullshit to the sexism that still pervades our “inclusive” space, this section has already thrown a lot of stakes into the ground. We’ve had ongoing discussions like the one on Indica/Sativa, recently picked up by a legendary grower and High Times alumnus. Todd McCormick, and sought to lead the industry through thought-provoking works like “Our Escape’s Gone Corporate” and “Shit Talk.” We’ve thrown stones head-on at times, like Joe’s “Standards” article and Jackie’s “Stop Cannabis Brands That Cannabis Users Don’t Like”, but it turns out that most of the community feels the same way. got it. Brands that make products for “us” seem to think so. We asked important questions and tried to protect traps, but we’re just beginning to scratch the surface…

That sounds like a bit of a hassle, though…it wasn’t all that serious. We’ve also welcomed comedians like Frank Castillo, Mike Glazer and Steve Fury to our ranks to tell their stories, from a day in the life to what it’s like to score on the road. I’ve heard. Mike even wrote a short play about modern online. Our Canadian friend Ben told us about the first time he had DMT. Cody concocted a fake study that no one understood was fake. Javi reminded us that we can’t do whatever we want. We’ve been going back and forth about including tobacco in smoke and what actually counts as a blunt weapon. Jimi exposed that microdosing was just her PR ploy, and Ellen furthered her love of eating hash.

There was laughter as much as arguing, but it’s like life. There are mountains and valleys. It’s not just gravy, but it could be fun.

fall down a weird rabbit hole

I can’t believe my baby has grown so big now. I knew this would work, but I didn’t expect to see so many people wanting to help and participate. I never expected so many people talking about it or reaching so many people offline. I honestly thought I would have had to do a little more to get the community involved, but the sheer number of ideas thrown at me, especially for this column, has been astounding, and the power of the brand and the scope of it. It reminded me of the size of the I remembered why I love this culture. The outpouring of creativity and fresh ideas from our community is in my opinion the most vibrant in the world. I know many are already ignoring us or praying for our doom, but I have never been more proud of the work we do.

In that regard, we are already booking basically every Friday throughout the year. The schedule is full, but there are still many areas to cover. And this rabbit hole is much deeper than you think…

So I start trying a few more things. Some may be terrible, and all may be strange, but let’s see how you deal with it. Start small. Over the next few months, he will be showing WEIRDOS on various days of the week. more creative work. Short stories, fables. Sometimes even on weekends. You’ll see some richer media here than ever before, and you might even see live rants on Instagram. Maybe there’s music too. who knows?

I’m not going to jump into the day-to-day features or anything like that, but there are so many other opinions and voices that I can’t wait to share with all of you. Insanely talented people volunteered to participate. We look forward to providing an even broader perspective on this culture that we all love dearly. From highest high to deepest low.

This is not over yet. In fact, we are just getting started. I hope you enjoy it.

With two decades of dedicated experience, Nuggs is a seasoned cannabis writer and grower. His journey has been a harmonious blend of nurturing cannabis from seed to harvest and crafting insightful content. A true expert, they've honed strain-specific knowledge, cultivation techniques, and industry insights. His passion shines through enlightening articles and thriving gardens, making them a respected figure in both the growing and writing facets of the cannabis world.

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