ACHEM: The First-ever BIPOC Cannabis Medical Association

ACHEM: The First-ever BIPOC Cannabis Medical Association

There is an urgent need in many respects to serve and repair communities most affected by the war on drugs and cannabis bans. It should be (especially) a top priority for both cannabis activists and cannabis professionals.

There are many ways in which cannabis bans have played a role in systematic racism and social injustice in these communities, but certain ways in which they are terribly underserved in the area of ​​health equity. there is. Educate and promote clear ways to identify pathways to ensure that cannabis drugs (and the cannabis economy) serve the needs of health inequalities in these communities and societies as a whole, or professional progress and economic opportunities. There was no clear way to do it for cannabis BIPOC healthcare professionals … until now.

Association for Cannabis Health Inequalities and Medicine (ACHEM)

Join the Cannabis Health Disparity and Medical Association (ACHEM), a new non-profit medical association for black, indigenous, and colored (BIPOC) healthcare professionals and therapists.

“The Cannabis Health Disparity and the Medical Association (ACHEM) is a response to ongoing failures in cannabis regulation and policy reforms in coordinating the direct and disproportionate impact of cannabis criminalization on the well-being of the color community. Leveraging evidence-backed cannabis agriculture, industry, health care, and nutritional use, many medicines have plagued the BIPOC community as a direct result of decades of banned investment cuts and abuse. Recognizing opportunities to address target and socio-ecological issues. Law. ACHEM is an overall community in which the progress of cannabis reform, the integration of cannabis use in medicine, and legalization have been most affected by the drug war. Created to develop and support BIPOC healthcare leaders in the assurance that they will promote cannabis healing. “

– Dr. Rachel Knox, MD MBA, Chairman of ACHEM

On Saturday, February 27, 2021, ACHEM (Ay-Kem) launched at a virtual open house and launch party. ACHEM, the first association of experts of this kind, used cannabinoid medicine to bridge the gap between lasting health and wellness in a community that was disproportionately affected by the country’s strict drug laws and policies. We promise to empower, enhance and serve.

ACHEM’s first public event, the Virtual OpenHouse and Launch Party, brings together more than 100 remote participants to outline the association, its mission, and the four pillars of the organization: Enrich, Promote, Participate, and Serve. did. ACHEM’s board of directors provided attendees with detailed information on the innovative areas of cannabinoid medicine and spoke with conviction and candidness. ACHEM also shared a policy platform and vision for rebuilding the brunted community of the war on drugs that unfairly targeted people of color.

Dr. Obie, Dr. Rachel Knox, and Dr. Jessica Knox at the ACHEM Virtual Launch Event.

“Through the vast lens of cannabis, ACHEM’s message on healing, hope and fairness to black, indigenous, Latin and other color communities resonated with attendees,” said Dr. Rachel Knox, Chairman of ACHEM. Told. “This community wants to know more about ACHEM, a vision and approach to cannabis as a plant-based medicine and as a fundamental solution to health inequalities. We are excited about the reaction and are excited about the reaction. We are eager to leverage ACHEM through its pillars to advance each practice. “

Dr. Ogadinma “Oga” Obie MD is President of ACHEM. She states: “ACHEM is happy to share the knowledge it has acquired with interested medical professionals. When it comes to legal and well-studied cannabinoid medicine, this is necessary to make them most competent in their respective fields. Information. Cannabinoids belong to people, especially the color community. ACHEM is the health access and fairness of the black, indigenous and Latin communities most affected by the cannabinoid ban and drug war. Form a well-balanced healthcare professional who will ultimately guide the way to enhance. “

ACHEM has brought together medical professionals and students from the black, indigenous and Latin (BIL) communities interested in addressing health inequalities in the fast-growing cannabis industry. The association provides new medical professionals in practice with educational resources c and competence training in cannabinoid medicine and endogenous cannabinoid medicine. This is a new field of medicine that focuses on the human endogenous cannabinoid system and its role in the body.

Systematic racism and health inequalities

Health fairness is central to ACHEM’s objectives. For too long, systemic racism has perpetuated adverse health effects and increased the rate of illness and death in the color community. ACHEM aims to eliminate inequality by training and empowering individuals entering the field and amplifying the voices of black and brown medical professionals.

The cannabis ban has devastated the BIL community, and ACHEM believes that cannabis can be used to heal its damage.

“In an equity-centric, scientifically-informed industry, cannabis medicine can be a tremendous force forever,” says Dr. Knox. “Education, advocacy, regulation and access support recovery within communities suffering from years of systematic injustice and open up tremendous potential for progress. ACHEM focuses on BIPOC healthcare professionals. By guessing, we allow people of color to become transformation agents in our community. “

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About ACHEM: ACHEM redefines health fairness and combines it with evidence-based scientific research, keen critical thinking skills, continuous interaction of innovation with new scientific information, and ethical loyalty to convey knowledge. By doing so, we strive to be a reliable and powerful resource of cannabis knowledge for the next generation of all health professionals.

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