Argentina Launches New Agency To Boost Cannabis Industry

Argentina Launches New Agency To Boost Cannabis Industry

Argentina formally inaugurated a new government agency Wednesday as part of an effort to bolster the country’s medical marijuana and hemp industries.

Reuters report The agency, known as the Regulatory Agency for the Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis Industry (ARICCAME), is “the first working group of the new national agency to normalize and promote the country’s nascent cannabis industry, and ministers plan to create new jobs and exports.” We hope to create a new income for the South American country.”

At an event marking the launch of the new institution, Argentina’s Economy Minister Sergio Massa said, “This opens the door for Argentina to follow a new path in terms of industrial exports, based on huge global demand.” said.

According to Reuters, “Massa said the agency will normalize the program from Thursday and start coordinating with various states. [the] Industrial sector, he added that Argentina is already expecting demand for projects related to the agro-industrial sector.

On ARICCAME’s official website, the agency outlines its mission and purpose.

“We are the body that regulates the importation, exportation, cultivation, industrial production, manufacture, commercialization and acquisition of seeds of the cannabis plant, cannabis and its derivatives for medical or industrial purposes.” website Read through the English translation.

of website List the following “general purposes” for your agency: and industrial hemp; facilitating new agro-industrial production sectors for pharmaceuticals, phytotherapy, human food and cosmetics, veterinary medicine and food, and the commercial manufacture of a range of products enabled by industrial hemp . A framework for ensuring traceability and quality of products and adapting to existing regulatory regimes for the cultivation and production of cannabis derivatives for health use in order to protect the right to health of medical cannabis users. Create a. Reintroduce hemp and all its derivatives to Argentina: food, construction materials, textile fibres, cellulose and bioplastics with low environmental impact. [and] Promote scientific research and sectoral technological progress, and promote favorable conditions for our country’s existing industries. ”

The specific objectives of ARICAME include:: “Establish clear rules that provide legal certainty to the sector and encourage federal participation. Intervene in this matter, including INASE, SENASA, INTA, INTI, AFIP, INAES, BCRA, UIF and National Universities.” Clarify through agreements and agreements with other national bodies to determine the system of licensing and control authority for the production chain Create quality standards that protect the right to health of users and consumers of cannabis/hemp products To do. [and] Manage violations of regulatory regimes. ”

Argentinian policymakers legalized cannabis oil for medical use in 2017. Three years later, the country legalized domestic cannabis cultivation for medical marijuana patients.

The launch of the new agency is part of efforts at the border to continue the reform of the medical cannabis program, which the Argentine government identified as a priority last year.

According to Reutersthe newly launched institution will be headed by Francisco Echaren, who said that “the industry could create not only thousands of new jobs, but also technological developments and new products for export. said.”

“We have a big challenge ahead of us,” Echaren said. Reuters“not only launching new industries, but giving millions of Argentines access to products that improve their quality of life.”

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