Upstate New York Officials Clash Over New Cannabis Regulations

Upstate New York Officials Clash Over New Cannabis Regulations

City and county officials in upstate New York are at odds over enforcing rules governing the sale and cultivation of marijuana in communities.

The dispute, which has been raging between the Niagara Falls City Council and members of the Niagara County Planning Commission, centers on how the community will enforce the sale of recreational marijuana, which will be legalized by New York State in 2021. to

of Niagara Gazette report: “The Niagara County Planning Commission has decided unanimously to reject an amendment to the zoning text that was approved a month ago by the Niagara Falls City Council, which would allow recreational cannabis cultivation in the city. Despite this decision, the members knew their actions would have little impact on the city’s implementation. have not been identified, to little to no financial benefit to the city from operating these businesses in the Falls.”

Under an ordinance approved by the Niagara Falls City Council last month, “cannabis dispensaries engaged solely in sales may operate from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m., while those permitting on-site consumption may operate from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. Able to stay open until 4 p.m. and open more than 70 hours a week”, “Retail stores may not be located within 500 feet of community facilities, but consumable dispensaries may be within 200 feet of places of worship”. , may not be located within 500 feet of a school or “community facility”. A similar operation for 1,000 feet” by Niagara Gazette.

The New York State Cannabis Authority issued 36 recreational marijuana sales licenses to various businesses and nonprofits across the state in November, but so far only two retailers in Manhattan have been customers. is open to

cannabis control bureau To tell Cities, towns, and villages could choose not to allow adult-use cannabis retail outlets or on-site consumption licenses to operate in their jurisdictions, but those municipalities will be allowed to do so by December 31, 2021. the local act had to be passed by, or nine months after, the effective date of the law. “

agency explained: “If the municipality does not opt ​​out by December 31, 2021, the municipality will not be able to opt out at a future date. You may opt-in to allow either or both retail pharmacy or on-site consumption licenses for adults who choose not to allow retail pharmacy or on-site consumption licenses for adults passed by local governments. All local laws are subject to a lenient referendum as outlined in Section 24 of the Local Government Home Rule Act, which creates a process by which local government voters can petition the outcome of local laws. If this succeeds, the question of whether to approve the local law will arise and it will be put to a vote in the next State General Election or State General Election.

You can’t “opt out of the legalization for adult use,” according to the municipality. cannabis control bureau.

by Niagara Gazette, “All the local government directives we’ve received from the state are similar to the liquor ordinance or the requirement to have a bar,” said Kevin Forma, city planning director for Niagara Falls. We were limited in what we could do,” he said. to allow and prohibit use; “

“The state says they can’t limit this,” Forma said at a meeting of planners on Monday. gazette“We manage this in coordination with state rules and regulations and are developing this to the best of our ability.”

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