Autoflowering Seeds | How-to Grow Cannabis from Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Seeds | How-to Grow Cannabis from Autoflowering Seeds

If you’re a little familiar with cannabis and its cultivation, you’ve probably heard of autoflowers. This is a popular (and often controversial) topic in the cannabis industry, especially among novice cultivators. Before digging into this article and the soil, check the state laws and regulations to see the legality of self-flowering cannabis seed purchases and cannabis cultivation in general.

What is an autoflower?

Auto-flowering cannabis plants are genetically associated with wild hemp strains from Eastern Europe, Asia, and Russia. In Russia in the 1940s, this hemp strain was identified as Cannabis sul de laris. Like other types of hemp, Luderaris had low levels of THC. However, unknown visionary breeders understand the automatic flowering ability of this hemp plant and in order to increase THC potency while maintaining the automatic flowering ability, the Luderaris plant is known for its photoperiodic (non-automatic flowering or non-automatic flowering or). I decided to mix it with cannabis (usually).

Known for its autoflower power, Cannabis squirrels mature differently from Indica and Sativa plants. The difference that has long fascinated researchers is the ability of Luderalis to bloom without a specific photoperiod. As the name implies, it blooms automatically. This property is the result of the extreme environmental conditions in which plants have evolved. Some believe that these plants have escaped cultivation and were later exposed to these conditions. As a result, the flowering period does not depend on a certain amount of light, it grows easily, and it appeals to beginner cultivators.

Auto Flower Light Cycle

As a rule, self-flowering weeds require at least 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness (18/6) because they have a shorter vegetative period than photoperiodic plants. This method maximizes energy use within the plant and allows for robust growth. Alternatively, some cultivators claim that self-flowering strains require 24 hours of light to maximize vegetative growth. There is no general consensus among cultivators about the exact time of light. It is best to try both methods to determine which is best for you and your growing goals.

The best auto flower seed

There are numerous seed banks online where you can buy incredibly diverse auto-flowering cannabis seeds from auto-flowering strains. Again, do a thorough research on cannabis control in your area before buying seeds.

The huge amount of autoflower seeds available can be horrifying, but there are some that are especially advertised for their fast growth, high quality, and potency. The best seeds of indica-dominated autoflower cannabis include critical thunder, dwarf flow flyer, bluetooth, and early miss, while trainrec, silver bullet, and amnesia haze are the best seeds of sativa. Hybrid stock seeds such as Cheese NL and NYC Diesel are also at the top of most lists. However, Blue Dream is consistently rated as the # 1 autoflower seed because it is the easiest to grow and is versatile enough to grow both indoors and outdoors. This is a dream for beginner cultivators. In addition, Blue Dream tastes like a delicious sweet berry that makes you taller.

Tips for growing autoflowers

  • Due to the fast growth rate of autoflowers, time is limited.
  • Put your cannabis plant up after 3 nodes.
  • The automatic flowering of cannabis does not require a normal cycle of light, but it does require warmth.
  • Self-flowering weeds do not require as much food as regular sativa and indica cannabis plants.
  • Use less nitrogen than is used during normal vegetative growth.

How to grow auto-flowering seeds

There are a few things to keep in mind when growing self-flowering cannabis seeds. If you don’t follow the suggested procedure, cannabis plants can fall short of expectations and no one wants to see them.

Be aware that you have limited time from the beginning as you only have about two weeks to train your plants. Many cultivators who have grown oatflower seeds claim that it is best to harvest cola first and then wait for the bottom buds to reach a certain density before harvesting. After it develops 3 nodes, try each plant up.

Many people choose to harvest auto-flowering plants early or late in the season because there is no need for day length. Keep in mind that these cannabis plants do not require a normal cycle of light, but they do. The best way to counter this is to use a greenhouse if excessive rain is expected.

Best Feed for Autoflowers: Do Autoflowers Need Nutrients?

The best feed for auto-flowering weeds is low in nitrogen in nutrients compared to day-length plants.

Due to their small size and the short time they spend on vegetative growth, (auto-flowering cannabis) plants do not require as much feeding as day-length plants. Feed lightly to make nutrients available as soon as possible. But also understand that autoflowers do not require as much nutrients as nitrogen.

How do you feed autoflowers here?

Because coconut fiber does not contain nutrients, feeding autoflowers with coconut fiber is very different from feeding with soil. Unlike soils where nutrients already exist, nutrients need to be provided from the first week. However, it still uses less nitrogen than photoperiodic cannabis plants.

Is it possible to force autoflowers to bloom?

There is some anecdotal evidence of forced flowering of autoflowers, but there is no solid scientific evidence to support this claim. Originally, unlike photoperiodic plants, these cannabis plants adapted to harsh environments by automatically flowering without a specific light cycle.

How long can an autoflower live?

From seed to harvest, autoflowers live for about 8-10 weeks. Most cultivators start harvesting in the 11th week. Before harvesting the buds, make sure that at least half of the trichomes of the auto-flowering cannabis plant are amber. Otherwise, THC will be significantly less effective.

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