California Cannabis Employees Classified as ‘Healthcare Workers’

California Cannabis Employees Classified as ‘Healthcare Workers’

With a recent update to California’s COVID-19 vaccination policy, employees in the cannabis industry are immediately eligible for vaccination.

First turmoil for California cannabis workers

For more than 40,000 workers in the state’s marijuana industry, the first weeks of California’s vaccine deployment were clouded with turmoil and uncertainty.

Employees in the cannabis industry were initially considered “essential” workers when coronavirus restrictions were first revealed in the spring of 2020, but the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) vaccinated the state. The same clarity did not exist when the strategy was first outlined. Some cannabis industry representatives have sought to reach the source of the turmoil.

The United Cannabis Business Association contacted Governor Gavin Newsom’s Vaccination Advisory Board in January, stating: .. .. Despite the many health and safety measures implemented by employers at great expense, this work has been carried out with inherent risks. “

An increasing number of industry leaders have highlighted the need for COVID-19 vaccination within the cannabis industry and supported this cause. David Spradlin, CEO of the cannabis company Perfect Union, said: “Despite the pandemic, the California cannabis industry has been constantly striving to deliver quality products in a safe way .. And unlike traditional retailers. Many people who visit cannabis pharmacies are most vulnerable to serious COVID-19 complications, such as those with weakened immunity and the elderly. I am a state policymaker, patients and staff We urge you to explicitly include mandatory cannabis workers in Phase 1B of vaccine deployment to keep your safety. “

Despite the demands for clarification and action, the turmoil continued. The CDPH spokesperson simply said that the institution was ” [their] It’s a great way to solve the problem by relinking to the California vaccine web page, which is the same source that caused the confusion in the first place. However, the concrete answer was imminent.

California confirms vaccine eligibility for cannabis industry

The latest COVID-19 vaccination policy announced by the California Department of Public Health on Thursday, February 4, revealed that Marijuana retail workers are included in Phase 1A of the rollout. While this new update includes only medical marijuana workers, most California clinics serve both recreational and medical buyers.

The update further clarified that all cannabis employees working in almost every other layer of the industry (cultivation, production, storage, transportation, distribution) are included in Phase 1B of the plan. In the notice, the CDPH clarified the reasons for inclusion, stating that “medical cannabis workers should be detained as needed due to the nature of their designation in the qualified mandatory workforce classification.”

Nevertheless, some California counties have already ignored the guidance.

San Diego Refuses Tier 1 COVID Vaccination of Cannabis Workers

Jim Desmond, a member of the San Diego County Commission, has shown immediate opposition to the decision to prioritize cannabis workers over law enforcement agencies, firefighters and educators. In a video posted on his YouTube channel, he suggested that citizens couldn’t be vaccinated because “they may be competing with 20-year-olds working in the cannabis industry.” .. .. .. This is a terrible move by California – prioritizing young and healthy people over those doing high-risk, essential work. I’m crazy. “

San Diego County appears to have supported Desmond on this issue and has announced policy changes that are inconsistent with the CDPH decision. In a statement on vaccine eligibility for the cannabis industry, the county said: “The state includes employees in the medical cannabis industry in Phase 1A, but the county has decided to include this group in Phase 1B. [and] References to eligible cannabis workers have been removed from the county’s vaccination website. “

Jim Desmond and San Diego County will not follow state guidelines, but there is precedent for vaccine eligibility in the cannabis industry. Just last month, Maryland prioritized marijuana employees as vaccine recipients. This includes Phase 1A employees alongside other healthcare providers.

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