Calm in Your Cup

Calm in Your Cup

CBD has taken a permanent position as a mainstream ingredient and health tool over the last few years, and business owners continue to explore new and innovative ways to add CBD to unique new products such as coffee.

Besides water, coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the nation. According to a recent study published by Statista Earlier this year, 57% of Americans drink coffee regularlyand 51% of coffee drinkers They say that drinking coffee is a “pure pleasure.”

For Lindsey Sogio, founder of Lavender Coffee BoutiqueCBD-infused coffee is a great way for consumers to add CBD to their daily routine.Sojio talked a little high times About her brand of CBD-infused coffee and wellness, and a brick-and-mortar store set to open in Denver, Colorado later this year.

“If you’re a coffee lover, you just drink coffee and there’s just a new ingredient in it,” Sogio said of Lavender Coffee Boutique’s coffee line. “It’s not a gummy drink or something you have to remember to do.”

The idea came to Sozio about two years ago and has recently come to fruition with the launch of her brand. She and her husband experimented with CBD-infused coffee and discovered it had unique effects that many could benefit from.

“I love the results. I’ve always wondered since I started drinking CBD coffee. On the days I drink CBD coffee, I feel calm, focused and very productive. I’m ready.” ‘ explained Sogio.

Another interesting benefit that Sojio noticed was that he also slept better.

“But the other thing is that I sleep really well too, which is funny,” she said. “It feels counterintuitive, doesn’t it?”

But other people who have tried Lavender Coffee Boutique’s infused coffee have shared similar experiences, including improved focus and calmness, less irritability, and increased productivity, she added.

Provided by: Lavender Coffee Boutique

Lavender Coffee Boutique now offers CBD-infused medium and dark roasts made from Peruvian-Costa Rican blends (they also offer non-CBD-infused medium roasts as well). Additionally, the brand offers CBD-infused decaf coffee made from Colombian coffee beans.

All of this brand’s coffee beans are roasted in Denver and infused with a wide range of American hemp oils.

“After roasting, it goes through a special process where it’s actually injected into the beans at the right time,” explained Sogio. “So it’s not just like pouring oil on the beans. It’s actually infused. So it’s done in a way that you heat it up a bit and the beans absorb the oil.”

Lavender Coffee Boutique is rooted in coffee offerings, but also caters to other CBD products and general wellness. The brand features a selection of CBD products on its website, including CBD-infused teas. hello goldie and press pauseThe CBD Gummies Highline Wellness, wildand rose los angelesand CBD body care products Sir JonesSaint Jane, Primamore.

“So we spent a lot of time researching and researching different brands and trying out a lot of products. Sozio said, “Wellness, fitness, skin care, body care. Sleep is another. So what we wanted to do was create a place where you can get it all in one place.” is.”

She stressed that while it’s common to find some CBD products at retailers like Sephora and Neiman Marcus, you can’t find gummies, coffee, and other CBD products all in one place. Lavender Coffee Boutique aims to be your go-to place for the best selection of products.

Provided by: Lavender Coffee Boutique

Later this year, Lavender Coffee Boutique will open a retail store in Denver that will be more than just a CBD shop, it will be a social, relaxing hangout for coffee lovers.

“Our goal with this store is to create an environment where people who are interested in CBD or just want a really good cup of coffee can come in,” Sogio said. “So if you’re interested in the CBD and want to be in it, it’s a high-end luxury space that you’ll actually want to spend time in.”

Having a comfortable space to explore CBD products is helpful for those who are curious about CBD and want to learn more.

“We also try to focus on consumer education because I know people have a lot of questions about this product like, ‘What does it do? So how do I feel? ‘ said Sogio. “And we’re never going to make a point about anything, but the people who work there, and the people who work for us, are like, ‘Hey, where is this? Where’s the good place to start?’ What should I try? What are the benefits of the different products you carry?”

Lavender Coffee Boutique stores are scheduled to open in late 2023, but the brand’s coffee and CBD products are website now.

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