Over 850 Doctors in Thailand Protest Pot Legalization

Over 850 Doctors in Thailand Protest Pot Legalization

If Thailand’s transformation from one of the strictest drug laws to a country with legal cannabis seems too fast and too fast, you’re not alone. Doctors from all over Thailand are talking about what they consider to be a reckless cannabis law that lacks protection for children and teens.

Smith Srisont, President of the Thai Association of Forensic Physicians, Change.org List of requests to the government and in Thai. “Turn off the cannabis vacuum,” the post reads. A “vacuum” is a way in which a document describes a lack of regulatory control compared to systems found in other countries. Srisont Dangers of other substances like Kratom In the past.

More than 851 doctors have signed the petition posted in Thai, noting that all 851 signers are doctors and graduates of the Ramathibodi Hospital of Mahidol University School of Medicine in Ratchatewi, Bangkok. please. However, schools are considered the most respected medical institution in the country.

The document states that studies show that cannabis can affect not only the health of children and teenagers, but also their brain growth. The document added that with the legalization of the agenda, the move is now threatening the health system and the health of Thai people in the short and long term.

“Cannabis was removed from the Ministry of Public Health’s drug list on June 9, but no policy has been initiated to control cannabis use for personal pleasure,” said a group spokesman. Stated. Said..This lack [legal] Direction makes cannabis more accessible to children and teens. “

Thai Public Health Minister Anutin Charnviracle deliberately “legal gap” by opposition parties on Tuesday without a law allowing control of the use of cannabis, hemp, or extracts after the non-criminalization of cannabis in Thailand Last month’s country was accused of creating.

Fear of Thai media

The country also experienced a wave of horrifying news articles after the legitimate cannabis was deployed in the country. Thai PBS Report The month after legalization, nine children became ill with unsupervised cannabis consumption. A 15-year-old boy, known for his history of depression, was reportedly “stupored” after eating a cannabis-injected treat, and a 15-year-old boy smoked two joints and then used a knife to people. Attacked.

The group invited doctors or graduates who agreed to sign their names and announced that they also conducted a campaign. Change.org For the people to vote. The goal of the campaign was set at 15,000 and more than 10,800 people participated in the campaign.

“Government and related departments should stop threatening people’s health as soon as possible,” the document reads at the end. “As the government insisted from the beginning, the use of cannabis for medical purposes should be controlled for the highest benefit and safety.”

Thai doctors began raising concerns that cannabis could cause mental health problems a few months ago. Given the potential for biomass to be used in animal feed, criticism has also been raised by those concerned that amendments to the law would damage the reputation of Thailand’s agricultural exports.

Some changes were too big for the people in the county to handle. On the bright side, it also has a lasting positive effect. The sudden change in mind about cannabis in Thailand is urging other countries in the region, such as Indonesia, to reconsider their unique approach to cannabis.

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