Colombia Touts Major Increase in Cannabis Exports

Colombia Touts Major Increase in Cannabis Exports

The marijuana trade is booming in Colombia. The South American country announced last month that its cannabis exports increased by 96% between November and January 2022.

“A value of US$8.4 million, thanks to 13 sales from 5 sectors to 14 countries. Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, Israel, the United States and Germany were the main buyers,” said the exporter. and ProColombia, the government agency that oversees tourism, said in an analysis published Jan. 26..

“58% of these exports were destined for Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Carmen Caballero, president of ProColombia.

“This is a sector with great potential to create quality jobs, especially for women, in different regions of the country. Similarly, cannabis value-added products stand out for their quality and innovation.” says Caballero.

According to the agency, exports worth $8.4 million came from the following regions of Colombia: Bogota (48%), Cundinamarca (30%), Antioquia (12%) and Santander (8%). ), Magdalena (2%).

Furthermore, ProColombia said: [Nemocón, Cajicá, Rionegro, Ubaté, Pitalito, Mosquera, Tocancipá and Pasca] This is part of the government’s strategy to create development by strengthening the region’s business structure. ”

“Last year, more than 90% of Colombia’s cannabis exports were likewise from the provinces of Bogota, Cundinamarca and Antioquia. – Magdalena – Meta – Risaralda – Santander – Tolima – Valle del Cauca) have been identified as potential exporters of this type of product,” said the analysis.

According to ProColombia, cannabis is produced in 13 countries and exported to a total of 14 countries, including Argentina (40%), Brazil (14%), Australia (12%), Switzerland (7%), Israel ( 6.5%), USA (6%), Germany (5.5%).

According to the agency, “the most popular commodities abroad were extracts, medicines and seeds”.

“It is worth noting that in November 2022, with the support of Asocolcanna, the 2nd Medical and Industrial Cannabis Business Roundtable hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and ProColombia was held. From extracts to finished pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, 21 international buyers and 51 SMEs and 250 business appointments from 10 countries were held with Colombia’s offer.

With a warm and comfortable climate, Colombia is bullish on the long-term prospects for cannabis cultivation.

“The country has a stable regulatory framework, which includes measures ranging from seed, cultivation, transformation, value-added generation, to safe access by patients, making it the most complete country in the world. one,” said an analysis last month, adding, “Colombia’s environmental and geographic conditions lead to four annual crops in three different cultivation modes: open-sky, open-sky with semi-automatic irrigation, and indoor with lighting and irrigation. Harvesting is possible” and “the geographic location of the country provides 12 hours of solar radiation 365 days a year, which maximizes yields and reduces production costs.”

“Equally, it is an industry that enables the scientific and technological development of Colombia, focused on R+D+i, which enables the development of research centers,” added ProColombia. “Colombia also has a wide range of products, including seeds, crude extracts, distillates, isolates and finished products such as phytotherapy and cosmetics,” he adds, all of which adhere to high quality standards. This will enable us to enter the global value chain.”

In December, Colombian senators passed an amendment to legalize cannabis.

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