DEA Chooses Seventh Cannabis Cultivator License for Research Purposes

DEA Chooses Seventh Cannabis Cultivator License for Research Purposes

Maine-based Maridos LLC announced on August 19 that it has officially received a federal cultivation license from both the U.S. Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The company was declared by the DEA to bebulk manufacturers marijuana growers

“We are very excited to receive a license from the DEA to produce and sell cannabis for research purposes. This is a big step forward for science and the future of cannabis.” Malidose Founder Richard Shain.

In the past, the only agency legally permitted to provide cannabis to researchers was the National Center for Natural Products Development at the University of Mississippi, which received the country’s only cultivation registration from the DEA in 1968. That exclusivity ended in May 2021. The DEA has announced that it will eventually grant cultivation licenses to third-party applicants. “Based on the information currently available, the DEA is awaiting final approval and many manufacturers’ applications to grow marijuana for research needs in the United States are in compliance with applicable legal standards and related laws. We have determined that there appears to be a match, and the DEA has therefore provided these manufacturers with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOA) as the next step in the approval process.”

Also, in May 2021, of Scottsdale Institute Arizona and Biopharmaceutical Research Co., Ltd. Approved in California. Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals Approved in California in December 2021, then groff north americabased in Pennsylvania in March 2022 and based in California Irvine Laboratories in April 2022 Malidose becomes the seventh applicant ever approved.

“Our DEA registration number RM063095 is the culmination of more than five years of collaboration with the DEA, through which Maridose is providing U.S. and international researchers and DEA-approved pharmaceutical companies with a range of legal cannabis products. can be sold to.” Shine. “The DEA has indicated it will issue very limited numbers and Maridose is proud to be one of the first companies to receive a license in a state with legal cannabis. Operated cannabis businesses are operating at legal risk, unable to ship across state lines as cannabis remains a Schedule 1 substance at the federal level. , can be legally supplied to customers without these risks or restrictions.”

As of August 22, Federal Register list many applications For the coveted bulk manufacturer’s license.

Dr. Sue Sisley, president of the Scottsdale Institute, has long been a respected leader in cannabis research. The institute received approval from the DEA in May 2021, but was still not safe from ongoing banking problems in the cannabis industry. I explained that I had closed the Institute’s account with little notice. “Bank of America has closed the account of a federally licensed cannabis researcher. is being implemented.

While the SAFE Banking Act is a welcome improvement to the ongoing cannabis industry woes, many believe it will not be enough to fully protect the cannabis business.

Cannabis research continues to grow, and the University of Louisiana recently received approval for cannabis research. Currently, he is one of only two schools in the state ever to be selected. In June, government researchers spoke about their work to help treat veterans with MDMA and psilocybin.

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