U.S. Cannabis Council Appoints New CEO Khadijah Tribble

U.S. Cannabis Council Appoints New CEO Khadijah Tribble

of American Cannabis Association (USCC) Announced on August 19 The appointment of Khadijah Tribble as the organization’s new CEO. Tribble will succeed former USCC CEO Stephen Hawkins, who has led the USCC since the organization was first founded in February 2021.

“We would like to thank Stephen Hawkins for his integral role in launching USCC. We are thrilled to welcome Khadijah Tribble into the CEO role at this critical time for the cannabis industry.” Said USCC Chair and Akerna CEO Jessica Billingsley said: “Her leadership, expertise and breadth of experience are deeply respected and well-positioned to advance our mission to end Prohibition and create an equitable, value-based industry.”

Established Tribble marijuana problem Founded in 2020, the organization serves as an incubator for cannabis education and advocacy. She also served as CEO of the Marijuana Policy Trust. The trust helps develop and implement her DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) program in the cannabis industry.

Throughout her career, Tribble has often focused on fair and equitable policies on behalf of marginalized communities, and has been a member of the USCC’s DEI Task ForceShe holds a master’s degree from the John F. Kennedy School of Public Administration at Harvard University.

“USCC is focused on securing important reforms in this session of Congress,” said Tribble. high times“My number one priority is doing the work to make that happen. A banking bill at large would make the industry safer and fairer, and an expungement would make the lives of countless Americans with cannabis records meaningful.” I understand that it will improve to

Tribble continued, “These tangible victories are the stepping stones we need to reach our ultimate goal: an inclusiveness that postpones the cannabis schedule while fostering an equitable and inclusive industry.” It’s a federal reform.”

While the USCC’s mission is to improve legal access to cannabis, it promotes cannabis legalization at the federal and state levels in an equitable and values-based manner. The organization also promotes restorative justice in communities hardest hit by the war on drugs.

USCC recent work

Earlier this year, USCC launched the DEI Task Force with legal, business, and civil rights leaders to partner with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation to create internship programs for black college students and recent graduates from leading cannabis companies and organizations. Did.

Former USCC CEO Stephen Hawkins has gracefully resigned from the role as the organization unveiled a powerful briefing and advertising campaign in support of the SAFE Banking Act.

Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-CO), Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Sen. Jeff Markley (D-OR) for a July 27 briefing in support of federal bank reform. Joined Hawkins.

Dennis Brown, whose son Jordan was murdered in an armed robbery at a health clinic in Tacoma, Washington, was featured. 1 of 2 New video ad presented by USCC during the event.

“My son Jordan was the ultimate loss,” Brown says in the video. “He lost his life because we didn’t give these companies the opportunity to use credit cards. It should have been all credit cards and not cash. My son is a college graduate and an artist. I was living a great life, working to supplement my income, leaving a huge void in my life.”

A second video from the campaign shows a small cannabis business owner in Washington state targeted by a rising criminal trend.

Along with leaders in cannabis policy and criminal justice reform, as well as business members of many of the country’s largest cannabis companies, the USCC bills itself as “the voice of America’s regulated cannabis industry.”

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