Hong Kong Expected To Ban CBD

Hong Kong Expected To Ban CBD

according to hong kong free pressthe Panel on Security of the Hong Kong Legislative Council said in June Ban on CBDIn writing, the council argued for this reason because CBD can always contain trace amounts of THC. “It is almost inevitable that CBD products manufactured from CBD isolates will contain certain levels of THC, whether trace levels or levels below the detection limits of various analytical methods,” he said. Council writes.

This enforcement has led to raids on many CBD businesses. In one example, the story of Daniel (a pseudonym to protect his personal identity) illustrates the situation. He had been in business for his three years before a raid took place. “His head went blank as he watched the officials take all the goods off the shelves one by one,” Danielle said. “Everything I did was for nothing.” Daniel said no cops told him his product contained THC. Prior to the raid, he personally sent a product for testing that reported no THC.

Hong Kong law enforcement has been targeting CBD business owners since November 2021, seizing over 30,000 CBD products. An unknown number of these products were tested, and one-third reportedly contained THC.

of hong kong free press It also noted that 34 people had been arrested for “dangerous drug trafficking and possession of dangerous drugs.” No charges have been filed yet and all have been released on bail, but investigations are ongoing. According to the Narcotics Division, “Any amount of a dangerous drug must be a dangerous drug.”

of the Legislative Council paper They claimed that CBD breaks down into THC. hong kong free press We reached out to Professor Donald Lund of the University of California, Davis to confirm this to be true, but the THC it creates produces “a very small effect.” It just shows that the drug is there, not its effectiveness or lack of it,” Land said.

Denise Tam, owner of online CBD store Hevens Please, also spoke about government reasons. “The government probably found her THC at 0.00001%. What’s the impact?”

Dr. Albert Chung, clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at Hong Long University, said: hong kong free press Studies on THC are more limited than those analyzing CBD. However, for law enforcement, cannabis is defined as a “dangerous drug.” “Hong Kong classifies all psychoactive drugs, including cannabis, ketamine and opioids. [by authorities] It falls into one group: dangerous drugs,” Chung said.

Chung recently published a study called “.Attitudes and beliefs of medical students towards cannabis in Hong Kong. ” While his students advocated “training and research” on cannabis, Chung said it could be years before Hong Kong recognizes the efficacy of CBD as a drug rather than a dangerous drug. thinking about. “It will be very difficult for Hong Kong to have medical cannabis in the next decade,” Chong said.

In the meantime, some CBD-relieved patients seem to be stocking up, hoping that it will soon disappear from store shelves for the foreseeable future. “Having CBD available in Hong Kong is a big step forward. Now we are stepping back,” said one consumer.

Back in September 2020, Hong Kong’s first CBD cafe called Found opened in the Sheung Wan district. However, the cafe announced on August 19 that it would be closing in anticipation of the looming CBD ban. “Sadly, it has become clear that the Hong Kong government intends to adopt new laws banning the sale and possession of CBD, despite the obvious positive effects,” Found wrote in its article. increase. instagram page“We don’t know exactly when it will go into effect, but we expect it to be around the end of 2022 or early 2023. This has forced us to make the difficult decision to close Found Cafe at the end of September. did. “

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