Delaware House Approves Legalization Bill

Delaware House Approves Legalization Bill

Members of the Delaware House of Representatives on Tuesday approved a bill to legalize adult-use marijuana in the state, but the governor’s veto continues to hamper efforts.

The bill passed the House in a bipartisan vote of 28 to 13. according to delaware news journalnoted that the bill received two votes from Democrats who had previously not supported cannabis legalization.

The only Democrat to vote against was House Speaker Pete Schwarzkopf, according to the paper.

Schwarzkopf isn’t the only senior Democrat from Delaware who broke out of the party against cannabis legalization. The policy is supported by the majority of Democratic voters nationwide, making it a virtually mainstream position among Democrats in Washington and state legislatures across the country. Country.

Delaware’s Democratic Governor John Carney is adamantly opposed to legalizing marijuana.

Carney vetoed the bill after a similar bill passed both houses of the Delaware legislature last year, but lawmakers failed to gather enough votes to override the veto.

“[The legalization bill] Among other things, it eliminates all penalties for possession of one ounce or less of marijuana by anyone over the age of 21, and states that there are no criminal or civil penalties for the unremunerated transfer of one ounce or less of marijuana between individuals. Guaranteed. I am over the age of 21,” Carney said in a denial statement at the time.

“We recognize the positive effects marijuana has on people with certain health conditions, and that is why I continue to support the medical marijuana industry in Delaware,” the governor continued. “We supported the decriminalization of marijuana because we agree that individuals should not be imprisoned solely for the possession and personal use of small amounts of marijuana. Thanks to , they are not.”

“That said, I don’t think it’s in Delaware’s best interests, especially young people, to promote or expand recreational marijuana use,” Carney added. “The long-term health and economic impacts of recreational marijuana, and significant law enforcement concerns, remain unresolved.”

Democrats, who still retain a majority in Congress, resumed their efforts on legalization in January.

“We hope that continued open dialogue with the governor’s office will help ease the veto,” Democratic Rep. Ed Osienski, who supports the new bill, said earlier this year. “I’m getting more support from my members…about veto overrides, but I hope that doesn’t happen.”

Early signs aren’t great, as a governor’s spokesperson said earlier this year that his position on marijuana would not change.

Still, the Democrats push on. according to delaware news journal, “The bill is now in the Senate, where it is expected to pass, but the pressing issue now is whether Democrats will have the political support to override another possible Carney veto. It’s whether or not there is.”

See newspaper for details On the latest legalization proposals at the General Assembly:

“House Bill 1 eliminates all penalties for possession of one ounce or less of marijuana by persons 21 and older. The law required a simple majority vote of 21 votes. The second bill, HB 2, creates a framework to regulate the growing, selling and owning of weed.Members of Congress say marijuana will be regulated and taxed in the same way as alcohol. As this law deals with revenue and taxation, it requires a three-fifths vote, which is expected to be voted on shortly.”

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