DoorDash Driver Delivers Side of Weed, Gets Canned

DoorDash Driver Delivers Side of Weed, Gets Canned

One DoorDash customer received more than she expected when she ordered food. The driver’s behavior led to his dismissal as the company’s dasher.

A Columbus, Ohio man who requested anonymity ordered food through DoorDash on Aug. 9 and complained that he found the bags of weed “scary.”

“I was scared at first, but again I wasn’t too surprised,” said a man who ordered food from DoorDash. Said ABC6.

He provided a photo of the food bag where he found a fork and a cannabis-filled bag. The photo shows a buggy decorated with an alien head holding what appears to be about a gram of weed. “Or did it start with the restaurant you ordered this from?”

“I’m a healthcare worker and I see how this affects people every day, so it’s terrifying,” said the customer. I also have close friends who died in Web MD When snoop Dismissing fentanyl-laced pot claims, Dr. Peter Grinspoon says high times Fentanyl is most likely to disintegrate in the heat of a flame.)

A DoorDash representative said, “What happened is unacceptable. We have removed Dasher from our platform.” Said With statements ABC6 and FOX28. We thank the customer for reporting the incident. ”

“I’m thinking of my children,” he said. “I have a nephew. I am thinking of his colleague. He has a granddaughter and a grandson.”

DoorDash responded quickly and told the customer that Dasher was closed. “We do not tolerate this type of behavior and have taken steps to remove them from our platform,” reads a customer email from DoorDash. increase.”

Dashers, or DoorDash delivery drivers, are required to submit both DMV and criminal background checks before becoming a driver per company policy. Background check policy.

door dash and cannabis

Four years ago, at Fortune’s 2018 Brainstorm Tech conference, DoorDash CEO Tony Xu said the company had been toying with the idea of ​​cannabis delivery, but had no immediate plans to do so, at least in the United States.

“That’s our general counsel’s favorite question,” said Xu. Said“That’s not what we’re doing today or planning to do. When it comes to anything with that level of regulation, it creates a lot of complexity around payments.”

But since then, the company has looked into the cannabis industry in Canada, which is legal at the federal level. However, delivery is still not part of the equation.

forbes report Last April, cannabis in Canada retail store superlet led a partnership with DoorDash Co., Ltd., offers pickup from locations in Toronto, Canada. This partnership is with DoorDash Technologies Canada, Inc., a subsidiary of DoorDash Inc. Rumors that DoorDash was involved with cannabis first surfaced on Twitter. benzinga report April last year.

This partnership features curated menus and exclusive collections that reflect the local region. However, Superette products are available for pickup only and delivery is not yet offered.

Uber Eats also announced a partnership with a Canadian cannabis retailer, in this case Tokyo Smoke.

Uber Technologies Inc. has added Canadian cannabis retailer Tokyo Smoke to its marketplace on November 29, 2021. This allows customers to browse his Uber Eats app, then place an order and finally pick it up at the nearest Tokyo Smoke store. state. Browse a wide variety of cannabis products.

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