Exclusive: Ice T and Charis B’s New Jersey Dispensary Gets Green-Lighted

Exclusive: Ice T and Charis B’s New Jersey Dispensary Gets Green-Lighted

Ice T and Playboy Playmate Charis BFounder of Woman of medicineWorked together to open a clinic in Jersey City, NJ, and by doing so cleared the first hurdle.

On July 25, Medicine Woman New Jersey, a dispenser proposal co-owned by IceT and Charis B, was approved by the Jersey City Cannabis Management Board, along with three other dispensery proposals.The news is Post to Instagram the next day.

Medison Woman Jersey City covers 5,000 square feet of retail space featuring a local New Jersey cannabis brand, limited edition merchandise, and provides the education you need. Medusa, NJ, Oceanfront Holding, and Otherside Dispensery have also been approved by the Board. The Jersey City Cannabis Management Board oversees regulations and regulations on authorization, cultivation, testing and retail, and getting approval is not an easy task.

Charis B, or Charis Burrett, originally founded The Medicine Woman in California before heading to the East Coast.

“It’s very exciting for us because New Jersey is years behind where we are in California in terms of legalization,” says Barrett. High Times She was waiting for a taxi. “And it’s exciting to make it really great. [motivated] And we are generally looking forward to the growth of the cannabis industry in their state.

“And with regard to New Jersey and, as you know, the fact that Ice is a resident, Jersey City and New Jersey have personally enormous implications for him. And he is my husband and I. I’m my longtime personal friend, and obviously I know this synergy and everything is together. “

Burrett’s clinic follows the same mindset as other Medicine Woman locations that initially began as a non-profit delivery service. “Our idea is to bring global health care to the community at an affordable price for everyone,” says Barrett. “We believe that cannabis should be available to everyone who needs it. You know, it’s a beautiful medicine. It’s been around for centuries. And we love to educate people and communities, have sound discussions, and, as I said, bring global health care to communities at affordable prices. “

Ice T, also known as Tracy Lauren Marrow, lives in Edgewater, a community relatively close to Jersey City. He is familiar with the problems the cannabis industry faces locally. In new jersey Blacks are more than three times more likely to be prosecuted for possession of cannabis than whites, Despite similar consumption rates. With that in mind, the first partnership will include and will announce the final prisoner project, the Jersey City Mural Arts Program, the Jersey City Employment and Training Program, and the Hudson County Community College.

“I’ve devoted my life and career to giving back and traveling to minorities. I’m from New Jersey and I’m excited about the opportunity that legalization offers to our community, a new era of state cannabis. We look forward to leading the way, “Ice T said in a statement. “I have partnered with Charis B, a cannabis authority and founder of The Medicine Woman, who has been a friend for over 25 years, to provide the best experience for our customers and the community.”

Barrett said she was in favor of eradication and “100%” in favor of helping people who were put in prison for life for cannabis crimes or cannabis-only crimes. This is very important for both the community and Jersey City.

Barrett says she’s been reading magazines almost longer when buying a magazine was a real concern about getting too much attention to herself. She said, “When I was 15, all I wanted to do was get a subscription. High Times “Magazine,” she admits. “But I was worried that everyone would be on the same list of governments that everyone would join. It was in the 80’s. And being here today, as you know, 30 I’ll talk to you 33 years later. I couldn’t be proud of where the industry went and I’m here. I’m. So thank you. “

Medicine Woman Jersey City is scheduled to open in the fall of 2022 and the team is currently accepting applications for various positions. To apply, please send your resume to HR@themedwoman.com. They are committed to sourcing a local workforce with a focus on providing opportunities for former cannabis criminals.

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