Griner Testifies That Russian-Provided Interpreter Gave Incomplete Translation

Griner Testifies That Russian-Provided Interpreter Gave Incomplete Translation

American basketball star Brittney Griner provided details of the first moments of her arrest and Russian detention on Wednesday, testifying that an interpreter provided by the authorities made her ignorant during hours of interrogation. ..

Greener, who was arrested in February for carrying cannabis oil in his luggage at a Moscow airport, faces drug royalties for up to 10 years.

The trial began earlier this month, and Greener pleaded guilty during his appearance in court on July 7. In her petition, Greener said she was “unintentional” and she “she didn’t want to violate the law.”

At the hearing, Greener said he preferred to give official testimony later.

That moment arrived on Wednesday, and Greener testified for the first time, shedding light on the precursors and aftermath of the February 17 arrest.

According to the Associated Press “I explained that I made a tough 13-hour flight from Arizona to Moscow during my recovery from COVID-19,” Greener said. “How did hemp oil, recommended by a doctor, get into the bag?” I said I don’t know yet, but I was rushed under great stress. “

Most notably, Greener said, “The language interpreter provided during her question translates only a small part of what was said, and the authorities should sign the document without providing an explanation. Instructed. ” report..

APs also include: “In addition to the interpreter providing an incomplete translation, Greener was not provided with an explanation of her rights or access to a lawyer and signed the document without explanation of what they implied. She said she was instructed to do so. After hours of procedures she didn’t understand, she was allowed to hand over her personal belongings to a lawyer before being taken away by hand, Greener said. She said at a hearing on February 19, when the court granted her arrest, she had received only a rough translation of her allegations.

according to New York TimesGreener testified “from the enclosed witness box.”

TimesQuoting Grinner’s lawyer, Said “The verdict is scheduled for August,” he said.

Grinner’s detention was arrested days before Russia invaded Ukraine and became a symbol of the controversial relationship between the United States and Russia.

In May, the United States reclassified Greener as “accidentally detained.” This is a move that indicates her intention to negotiate her release.

President Joe Biden is facing increasing pressure from both lawmakers and Grinner’s brothers in the athletic world to secure her freedom.

Last week, a bipartisan group of US Senators submitted a resolution calling for Grinner’s release.

Earlier this month, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris spoke with Greener’s wife, Sherel Greener, after the WNBA star sent a letter to the president.

“When I’m sitting here in a Russian prison, I’m afraid I’ll be here forever, just in my opinion, without the protection of my wife, family, friends, Olympic jerseys, or achievements.” Brittney Griner wrote in a letter to Biden.

“I know you’re dealing with a lot, but don’t forget about me and other American detainees,” she continued. “Do everything you can to bring us home. I voted for the first time in 2020 and voted for you. I trust you. I still have a relationship with my freedom. I can help you recover. I miss my wife! I want to meet my family! I miss my teammates! Knowing that they are suffering so much kills me. To go home And I’m grateful for whatever I can do at this point. “

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