First Outdoor East Coast Harvest and Several Hemp Harvests

First Outdoor East Coast Harvest and Several Hemp Harvests

In the past, commercial cannabis growers on the east coast have grown weeds in warehouses and greenhouses, primarily due to the weather, partly due to the slow pace of legalization.

But now, after a sunny summer growing season, hundreds of cannabis plant fields grown outdoors in Cambridge, Maryland are ready to be harvested.

Mackie Barch, owner of Culta, a Maryland-based cultivation company that has begun multi-million dollar outdoor cultivation experiments, told The Washington Post that time was of utmost importance.

“It’s a fight against the time to get it out of the field,” Birch said. Said..

Indoors are better controlled, but more expensive

Not surprisingly, the task of artificially reproducing ideal cultivation conditions indoors can be costly. There are six months of hot and dry days not found on the east coast, which is up to three times more expensive than growing outdoors in cool nights.

Massachusetts also allows large-scale outdoor cultivation, Only 1 out of 4 companies The outdoor cultivation was approved and the operation started.

And don’t forget to harvest hemp.

Hemp growers in Michigan have been working hard since the 2018 agricultural bill, which legalized hemp cultivation, was passed.Through Hemp pilot program564 growers have licensed to cultivate 32,600 acres in 835 locations.

Now these licensed producers are looking to see the results of their first harvest, which is Most of Michigan and the Midwest..

David Connor, a licensed hemp farmer in Popo, Michigan, said Michigan could be at the forefront of the growing hemp industry.

“I think our unique growing season and climate will really give us special products and unique marketing benefits as soon as it begins to emerge and people experience and see it.” Connor Said Michigan Public Radio.

Industrial cannabis harvesting is underway in Bristol, Vermont.

Leaning Barn Farm has 45,000 industrial cannabis plants worth 40 acres.

Farm crews are already manually harvesting them using ropers, weed trimmers, and chainsaws with thick, knotted plants. Addison County Independence..

Is it too much good?

Hemp Industry Daily states that this year’s hemp acreage has increased by more than 300%. Proponents predict that crops aimed at supporting the agricultural sector could actually drive smallholders out of business.

Cannabis farmers, consultants and processors are seeing oversupply of crops that may not come out of the field.

“My guess is that if these economic conditions happen at the end of the year, there will be a 95% turnover at the farm level.” Said Michael Brubeck, CEO of Centuria, a hemp processor and extractor based in Carson City, Nevada.

Let’s hope his prediction is wrong.

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