Forty-Two Percent of American Adults Use Cannabis

Forty-Two Percent of American Adults Use Cannabis

A new report called American Cannabis Consumers in 2023: Part 1 It was recently released by New Frontier Data on May 2nd. The study analyzes different trends and demographics of modern cannabis consumers.

According to Gary Allen, CEO of New Frontier Data, more than 42% of adults have used cannabis and say they will continue to do so. “Cannabis consumers are diverse, with users spanning age groups, genders, economic classes and political parties.” Allen said in a press release. “With 42% of U.S. adults having used cannabis and likely to continue to do so, and a further 15% expressing interest in trying cannabis in the future, acceptance and receptivity continue to grow. and is creating significant opportunities in both new and emerging markets.”

The sample size of the study included 5,534 participants, divided into 4,358 cannabis consumers and 1,176 non-cannabis consumers surveyed in the first quarter of 2023.

Research shows that 37% of U.S. adults consume cannabis annually and are considered “current consumers” who plan to continue using cannabis, while 30% of Americans use cannabis. Never tried cannabis and have no intention of using it. Additionally, 15% of Americans have never tried cannabis but are interested.

New Frontier Data also released its 2022 analysis of American consumers. By comparison, the number of current consumers has increased from 39% in 2022 to 42% in 2023. The number of people who have never used cannabis and have no intention of using it has dropped from 34% in 2022 to 30% in 2023.

The study also reviewed the results of asking participants of various age groups about their cannabis use in the past month from 2017 to 2021. 25. That her largest four-year increase included his 96% increase in adults aged 65 and over and his 64% increase in adults aged 40-44. Overall, there were significant increases in all age groups except 18-20 year olds.

About 74% of the U.S. population lives in states with some form of legal framework, 48% live in adult states, but only 26% live in states with only medical cannabis. .

In terms of product popularity, 2022 data from the legal cannabis market shows flowers have the most product share at 43%, followed by vape at 29% and food (including beverages) at 11%. , indicating that the extract is 9%. Tinctures, topicals, or “others” all reflect his less than 1% of product share.

Racial or ethnic identity is predominantly white (63%), Hispanic/Latino (14%), black (14%), mixed/multiethnic (4%), Asian (3%), and other (2%). %). Today, the majority of consumers are 54% male and 46% female.

Participants indicated that 70% of consumers use cannabis to achieve specific goals. The majority of consumers, approximately 83%, use cannabis for “relaxation (relaxation, stress, or anxiety)” and 61% use cannabis for improved sleep. Most consumers are at home when watching videos, TV or movies (56%), listening to music (52%), sleeping (45%), and browsing the internet (45%). 37%), during meals (36%) and when spending time with family. /partner (35%), socializing (33%), video games (32%), housework and chores (30%). (Under 30% includes activities such as cooking, sex, spending time in nature, and drinking.)

Most medical cannabis consumers use cannabis to treat diagnosed conditions such as chronic pain (46%), migraines (21%), PTSD (17%) and osteoarthritis (10%) doing. The average consumer typically uses cannabis for conditions such as pain (64%), anxiety (55%), depression (41%), insomnia (40%) and inflammation (28%). Ninety-four percent of his consumers said their medical conditions and symptoms improved after consuming cannabis.

Findings show that 77% of flower consumers say the strain is important, and 47% are more interested in the minor cannabinoid and terpene profiles. “Despite the industry’s recent focus on trace cannabinoids and terpenes, most consumers are still using strains to make decisions,” says New Frontier Data.

Among consumers who prefer edibles, gummy is the most common edible, with 84% of them leading the way, followed by cookies and brownies at 50%, chocolate at 42%, and beverages at 22%. is. Most consumers who choose edible foods consume 2-4 mg (14%), 5 mg (18%), or 10 mg (17%).

American Cannabis Consumers in 2023: Part 1 It contains a wealth of information about today’s cannabis consumers, with 45 pages on other topics such as spending trends, where consumers buy products, brand loyalty, social consumption details, and policy perspectives. Contains charts and data for

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