Grandma Who Supplied Cannabutter in Australia Sentenced

Grandma Who Supplied Cannabutter in Australia Sentenced

An Australian grandma found cannabis-infused butter to have healing properties, but it backfired when her teenage great-grandchildren used it to bake cupcakes and shared them at school. I was.

Pam Annette Bickerton, 74, was sentenced on May 4 after her teenage great-grandson baked cupcakes with cannabis-infused butter and shared them with classmates at her school in South Australia. .

of adelaide advertiser report At a court hearing on April 19, a juror said Bickerton had made cannabis-infused butter to control her sleep problems and that it worked.

Bickerton says she was half asleep when her unnamed teenage grandson asked if she could use canna butter. “Still tired, unfortunately…she said, ‘Good luck. Make sure you clean up after yourself,'” her lawyer said. Said in court.

When police responded to the incident and arrived at Bickerton’s home a few weeks later, she admitted she still had three bags of canna butter and two cylinders in her freezer, which were quickly seized.

But Justice of the Peace Justin Wickens was unimpressed with the defense and said Bickerton should have known better.

“Police became aware of allegations that students were selling cannabis-laced cupcakes. [the school after the students] Presented to hospital with symptoms consistent with consumption of cannabis.” Justice Justin Wickens Said“Police have spoken to the two students who disclosed it. [another student] They were serving cannabis-infused cakes. ”

The judge asked her to consider the gravity of the alleged crime. “This is a very serious crime and supplying drugs to minors is a very serious crime,” he said.

Bickerton pleaded guilty to one count of supplying or administering a controlled substance to a child before appearing in Adelaide Magistrates Court.

The great-grandmother was sentenced Thursday. Bickerton said he was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison, but he pleaded guilty and agreed to form a sensible bond.

Her great-grandchildren didn’t pay for the cupcakes at all.

cannabis reform in australia

Medical cannabis is legal across Australia with a prescription, subject to certain restrictions. Cannabis is a county designated drug regulated by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

Cannabis reform for adult use in Australia continues to move forward. A recent report revealed that Australia plans to work on cannabis legalization within the next few years.

of Australian Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) recently released a proposal to consider two options for how to approach cannabis legalization. was asked to investigate what legalization would look like through a request for Senator David Shoebridge Australian Green Party, also known as the Green Party.

The first option is a cannabis national agency that acts as the sole wholesaler between growers and retailers, sets wholesale cannabis prices and issues licenses to potential cannabis business owners, according to the PBO report. (CANA) is established. The second option contains all the provisions of the first option except for the final recommendation to change the sales tax to 15% instead of 25%.

Granny and injected edible

Another grandma made headlines for helping the sick with cannabis-infused foods. Mary Jane Rathbunaka “Brownie Mary,” helped people struggling with HIV and chemotherapy with cannabis-infused food. At her peak, Rathbun was baking 600 brownies a week for $20 a dozen. rice field.

She also contributed to the decriminalization of cannabis. In 1992, Mary testified before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors about the benefits of cannabis, leading to a resolution making possession of medical cannabis a “first priority” in arrests and prosecutions.

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