Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #23: The Greatest Ever

Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #23: The Greatest Ever

I will be late again. It was supposed to be locked at the end of April, but as you know, it will happen on April 20th. It’s worth noting that NYC was great, and I already miss the city. Washington Square Park was a zoo, you literally couldn’t get any more people there, trap hunters from both shores were everywhere, and none of us were arrested .. What more can I ask for?You also need to give the gang a simple scream Talking Telp – The art show in Brooklyn was at the next level. I can’t wait for the next show. I’m excited to go home soon!

Anyway, let’s get back to it. It’s starting to get better nationwide, but life is certainly still a bit blue. Maybe it’s the imminent World War, or the fact that everything is three times higher than last year, but the chronic prices are stable and there is the heat needed to quell these Doobie Downers.

As usual, Please let me know if there is a fever I need to see.. I’m attending HOF this week and then the Green Street Festival. Let’s smell the flowers together.

Cure Company-Papaya

Courtesy of Cure Company

I know your dozen are going to DM me about this, but Cure CompanyThe new papaya cut is exactly what I’m talking about when seeking tension during the day. I know it’s historically an “indica” in the minds of most OGs, but without discussing it because you know it’s a misnomer for effect classification Ask me: If you have something to do, this is for you. With a delicious fruity, citrus nose, most experienced heads know that breaking a jar incorporates creative steroids that can uplift. Perhaps it’s mine because it turned out to be an accurate assumption, but I feel you also vibrate with it. In fact, it was what I smoked before I wrote this, so please let me know if I look like I’m in a good space right now.

Puffco – Cupsy

Courtesy of Puffco

When something is clear PuffcoThe history of innovation in our culture is that their team can make something less noticeable and more convenient for consumers. As we’ve seen with their pens, and ultimately at the peak, thoughtful design can simplify even the most complex, lower barriers to entry, and create a fun experience for even the most beginners. Their latest work inherits the brand’s legacy and evolves a standard coffee cup into a fully functional (and frankly fun to use) little bon. If you’re familiar with their Budsy, this is the next evolution of what they were doing there, but now instead of a bottle of water, bonbon a standard size cup at your convenience. Can-I don’t drink coffee or water anymore after your sesh!

Terphogz – Original Z

Courtesy of Terphogz

I’ve praised Zkittles many times on this list, but I’m as big a fan as I am, so finding the Original Z is hard for me. Everyone and their brothers did their best to strip it off or call their cube cut the original, but I really trust only its creator with respect to Z, Fields When Tony.. This is obviously not a new drop, but I was fortunate enough to catch up with Fields in New York before and after the 4/20 celebration, and he blessed me with some of the classics from his hiding place. I have to say, it’s even better than I remembered. One of my last lists celebrated the resurrection of the Z season. Everyone is excited to play with genetics and try to evolve what many think is the best, but it’s almost impossible to beat the original. I am very happy to see the fresh indoors floating again.

SMKRS – Shiraji

Courtesy of SMKRS

I am following SMKRS It’s been a while, but I just tasted it for the first time about two weeks before I went to New York. I quickly realized the fascinating branding and mylar, but it was the flowers inside that were really worth bragging about. Shirako, a sister of the very popular RS-11 that has been talked about in the last few years, is the SMK RS keeper of the hunt and is annoying. It’s easy to see why SMKRS, grown by Deep East, built the infrastructure around this new cut before removing it. Despite its 11 photogenic properties, its nose is candy, which makes it feel a little more awake than its sister plants, so it’s easy to breed in a book.

Doja Pak – Oil-based pen

Courtesy of Doja Pak

Speaking of RS, there was another new cut from the gang that popularized 11. Doja Pak’s oil-based pens, grown by Seed Junkie Genetics, which are more inclined to the gas that drives the market, are already in the nation’s turmoil, albeit in just a few months.No kidding, my head was asking me about this in New York on the street, and just while I couldn’t see, I paid the trapper $ 80/8 for it. Doja Probably handed out something close to LB to his beloved crowd. As I said before, few cultural characters are as integrated into the space as Doja, and no one is investing in their growth and celebrations like he is. I’m rocking this evening every day now. It’s mellow all day long without getting sleepy, and the taste is * chef’s kiss *


Courtesy of BTY

It’s hard to beat the original Z, but now there’s another notable cut that deserves your weed’s money.come from BTYFresca was called on my list at the end of last year, so if you’re interested in fruity varieties, you’ll want to check this out. Judging from the structure of the bud, this seems to be close to the Z3, can you taste it with this? Everyone knows that my flavor preferences tend to be tastier than diesel, and this applies to OG’s tongue. The taste of the sweet candy sways all the time.

710Labs – Randy Watzon

Even if you try not to write about the same person all the time, there are some kingpins that cannot be avoided. One of them, the 710 Labs, seems to be right at first glance. I’ve definitely read my ardent reviews about their brand in the past, so let me go straight to the point here. Their Randy Watzon is special. The gas-like / piney scent is converted to palate stains, and this flavor is classic and fresh, and I believe that both traps and dead families love it equally. With a wedding crusher and a bandage cross, the child shows justice to his parents’ vibrant scents and sticky buds. In true 710 Lab fashion, it looks like the best weed we’ve ever seen.

Dan’s rollup

Courtesy of Dan’s roll-up

I should start by letting you know this right away This will be a difficult discovery. When talking about the most in-demand but inaccessible products on the traditional market, there is little to counter. Dan’s rollup.. I even hesitated to include this in the list because the batch is so small. My favorite plug will buy the entire supply as soon as it’s available, but Dan deserves his brilliance. The most striking thing about Dan, who consistently creates the best collaborative donuts (think West Coast alchemical hashes with Kashtree Mason flowers), is how he maintains his relationship and his Is it possible for regular consumers to maintain inventory? You see, you can’t just order from Dan. His products are only available to the exclusive set of distributors who own one of his “golden tickets” (and, as mentioned above, most are lost to headstash). That said, if you’re lucky, you can hit one of the Dan’s Rolls, buy it yourself, and taste the smoke. Also post to IG-your trap friends will be jealous.

Trapis Rolls / Designs

Provided by Trapis Designs

Speaking of bomb rolls, I have to yell at my guy Travis.. Astor club I took him to New York and blunted them for the 4/20 week event (lovingly called Trappis Rolls), and all I have to say is these stuff Was the best weed cigar I’ve ever smoked. He was also doing a hashhole, but that 3 gram dull would fall as my most desirable baller smoke. But that’s not all. Travis is also a tie-dye wizard.In fact, check out Trapis Designs Say it’s not a fire. You can’t do that. Now I want to bring more business to my guy, but his shit also pops out of the shelves every time he falls, so shoot me DM before you buy. !! !! Thank you 🙂

Lemon perfect

Lemon Perfect Courtesy

This comes in favor of my friend Who has it? Sure, I’m not usually a person worried about calories or sugar (in fact, I celebrate sugar), but I’m others because everyone in my life has kindly advised me to put soda. A delicious option that I didn’t really look for. When I put Lemon Perfect in a new box, it was like Kismet, and let me tell you, it was. I’ve lovingly called it Beyonce Water since I tried it (as a play of the fact that she actually announced an investment in the brand last week) and honestly it’s like an exact descriptor I feel it. Lemon Perfect, flavorful and free of unnecessary extras, is the first really healthy beverage I really want to drink (except, of course, Liquid Death).

Bonus: Unwrap the Jell-O Pudding Cup

Courtesy of Jell-O

Well, this is a bonus, but I couldn’t just break down such sugar and immediately follow it up with something and smash the taste buds in an unhealthy way. .. Jero Do you want to make candy now? I copied these at the airport on my way back from New York, so I’m not sure if they can be considered exactly exotic, but I’ve never seen them before, so I had to tap hell. understand. They: DAWG, they put the pudding in chocolate truffles. It’s wild. It’s like a bite-sized pudding cup, and it’s amazing. I’ve been riding here all the time. Not only that, they made Jero’s gummy candies. Gel. O. Gummy. I haven’t eaten it yet, so I think I’ll need to save it for a special day or until I find a reup, but I’ll always report it when I do. Until then, find these.

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