House of Kush to Go Global with Clever Leaves, Bringing Classic Strains to the Masses

House of Kush to Go Global with Clever Leaves, Bringing Classic Strains to the Masses

Classic genetics such as the Bubba Kush Pre-98 and OG Kush varieties will be made available on a global scale by two powerful companies working together. Sept. 21, Colombia-based multinational juggernaut clever leaf Announcing Partnerships with Legacy Brands Kush’s houseto become the world’s exclusive grower and distributor of genetics.

Clever Leaves creates House of Kush genetics to expand its reach beyond the US and Canada.

Clever Leaves will cultivate House of Kush genetics at its facilities in Colombia and Portugal over the next three years. Clever Leaves’ footprint is global, with smokable flowers already on sale in Germany, Israel and Australia.

Clever Leaves produces House of Kush’s flagship strain, Bubba Kush Pre-98, as well as other classics such as the San Fernando Valley OG Kush. Theories vary, but Bubba Kush came onto the market in his 90s and was noted for its calming effects. People turned to it to help with pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

Its scale is huge. In Colombia, Clever Leaves boasts 18 hectares (44.4 acres) of his planted area. More importantly, the company holds Good Manufacturing Practices (EU GMP) certification for the European Union, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification by the Colombian National Institute for Food and Drug Monitoring (Invima), and Good Agricultural and Collecting Practices (GACP) certification. is to be

In Portugal, Clever Leaves operates on approximately 9 million square feet of land and has a 260,000 square foot greenhouse facility. Also, the Portuguese Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority, he is licensed by INFARMED IP, (EU-GMP) certified and (GACP) certified.

Courtesy House of Kush

House of Kush Genetics

This partnership brings House of Kush genetics to a wider market. “Internationalization was a really big step,” says co-founder and chief sales officer of House of Kush Steve Gardner“Clever Reeves do a very good job. And we’ve been very impressed with them. And we’ve been working on this deal for almost a year. When you get involved, it takes you everywhere.” Gardner’s role as a serial entrepreneur, advisor and investor in sports and entertainment goes back 30 years.

House of Kush co-founder and CEO said: Reggie Harris“Having the opportunity to get there early in our growth strategy not only improves our standing as an American company, but also puts us in a game where everyone can spread their knowledge and their products and get out of it. yes [it’s as much of an] It’s also an economic benefit, so the two kinds go together. Neither is missing. ” Harris’ career as a senior executive in sports and entertainment dates back 20 years.

“My first introduction to Bubba Kush was actually through one of the original growers, Matt Bubba Berger. Apparently Bubba Kush was part of the founding group that came up with OG Kush. But it was,” adds Harris. “And then I saw it and reached out to Steve [Gardner] “Hey, this interesting phone, I got a product opportunity. Let’s sit down and talk.”

Protecting those genetics is another story. House of Kush has explored other ways to secure its blockchain technology and genetics, but continuing to build its reputation as a brand is more valuable.

“The biggest protection for us is quality assurance,” adds Harris. “We created the Kush Certification Program. As far as we go, these are the recommended ways to grow genetics, this is the right way, the right soil, the right Water, all sorts of things. We finally know that as a federal government we can’t protect it right now, so someone can get it and let’s protect it. So we spent a lot of time putting good genetics and good SOPs around it so that it, on the other side, was up to our standards. I have confirmed that

Gustavo Escobar / Courtesy Clever Leaves

Regulatory Perks of Internationalization

Clever Leaves footprints are all over the world, but each facility has a unique purpose. “He has two facilities, one in Colombia and one in Portugal. Julian Wilches, Co-Founder and Chief Regulatory Officer of Clever Leaves. “The Portuguese facility is focused on flowers. And in Colombia, the Colombian facility has been focused on extracts, raw materials, and finished products such as oils. Yes, and this is something we plan to do in the coming months, but it’s very important to us now that we’ll have access to additional genetics.”

One of Clever Leaves’ advantages is that it is certified in Europe. But one of the keys to growth is expanding internationally to increase your chances of success.

“If you grow it in the US, you can’t export it because it’s federally banned in the US,” he said. Gustavo Escobar Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Clever Leaves. “The fact that we can grow it in Colombia and export it for medical purposes opens up a global market. In addition to the United States, we focus on four markets: Australia, Israel, Germany and Brazil. So we have three markets for flowers: Israel, Australia, Germany, but there are additional markets like Portugal, Italy, the UK, Ireland, maybe France, Spain… Now it’s Thailand, so the world is moving towards medical and medical legalization.”

This partnership will benefit both companies in a way not previously possible.

“By working together, we can do better,” adds Wilches. “So partnering with people who have great genetics and have the competencies described gives them a better chance of succeeding in those markets. We believe in working together to build long-term relationships to enter the market for the long term with truly high-quality, superior products.”

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