Pennsylvania Cannabis Policy Summit Brings Together Cory Booker, John Fetterman, and More

Pennsylvania Cannabis Policy Summit Brings Together Cory Booker, John Fetterman, and More

Summit held at Temple University in Philadelphia on September 23 Examine current cannabis policy In Pennsylvania, both at the state and federal level, new Cannabis Amnesty ProgramThe event was made possible by Diaspora Alliance for Cannabis Opportunities (octopus), and black cannabis weekwas held from September 18-25. In addition to Senator Booker, Senators Sharif Street, Rep. Austin Davis, Rep. Jordan Harris, Rep. Dalisha Parker, Rep. Chris Love, former Philadelphia City Councilman Derek Green, City Councilman Curtis, and others. Numerous political representatives of Jones were invited to participate in the discussion.

At the conference, Booker explained how progress has been made toward legalization, but there is still work to be done. We know there is an opportunity in this,” Booker said. To do so, we must continue to evolve our focus, vision and strategy.”

He explained that the federal government has lagged behind in embracing legalization nationally. That’s why we chose to sponsor the current Senate legalization bill by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden. “We know that our country now has a historic opportunity to right the wrongs of the past and build a more just nation. [and] It’s a just America with more opportunities,” Booker said. “There are still mountains to climb, but I know we will move forward. [we] I reach the summit. I know that because of our efforts, we will reach this land where justice flows like water, and justice flows like a mighty stream. “

The second half of the conference covered the “PA Pardon Process,” moderated by Fetterman, Luis Gonzalez of I AM More, Luis Gonzalez of Philadelphia Community College, and Celeste Trustee of the Pardons Commission, as well as Senator Sharif Street. was given. The Pennsylvania Marijuana Pardon Project was announced on September 1 by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolfe.

Program chair Fetterman described Pennsylvania as a “second chance place” that “helps people get pardons quickly for stupid weed convictions”.According to Trusty Commissioner So far, more than 2,200 residents have applied, with 400 applying last week alone.

“This amnesty project has the potential to open the door to thousands of Pennsylvanians: college graduates about to launch their careers, grandparents who wanted to accompany them on school trips, or those seeking the help they need. We’re Pennsylvanians who weren’t killed, and now’s our chance,” Gov. Wolf said in the initial announcement. He also added that he will be notified by Oct. 13 whether applicants will be heard. At some point in mid-December, the Amnesty Commission will vote on individual cases and nominate finalists to Wolf for final judging.

Anyone with a marijuana conviction on record September 1-30 Submit an application for pardon. Qualification Includes convictions for possession, intent to distribute small amounts of cannabis, and paraphernalia-related offenses. but, there are some exceptions Enrolled in a rehabilitation program, actively on probation or parole, convicted of driving under the influence of cannabis, etc., may disqualify applicants for this limited-time offer.

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