How Automation Drives Performance Advantage in Vaping

How Automation Drives Performance Advantage in Vaping

The vaping technology market is constantly evolving due to changing consumer needs and preferences. To maintain its dominance in this competitive market, the company needs to offer a superior his vaping experience. Airo Brands has faced this challenge since its inception, offering a diverse product portfolio that includes multiple vaporizers, pod blends and flavor combinations, all made with the latest technology, natural ingredients and intuitive features. Masu. His Airo Brand commitment to providing cutting-edge products has resulted in impressive year-over-year growth and expansion into new markets.

Difficult to maintain consistency across a diverse product portfolio

With three types of vaporizers and a variety of cartridge oil formulations, Airo Brands needed a machine that could handle a variety of products, streamline operations, and produce consistently high quality devices to grow its business. did. However, given the complexity of the products Airo offers, there are potential challenges in oil viscosity, temperature and discharge control, leading to a reliable machine that can easily switch between products and streamline operations without compromising quality. was essential to find

Finding an easy-to-use machine that evolves over time is key

Airo Brands recognized the importance of investing in machines that could handle product variations, be easy to use, and accommodate a growing footprint. Airo Brands turned to his OEM, Thompson Duke Industrial, to develop an automated solution for filling and capping vaporizer cartridges. Early on, our team worked together to test and modify a custom septum filling adapter to meet your needs. Airo was impressed with our ability to troubleshoot issues and suggest solutions in real time. As the industry evolved, Airo Brands updated to new cartridge designs and switched to automated machines, and our machines and team easily accommodated this transition.

Thompson Duke Industrial’s IZR machines allow Airo Brands’ partners to fill a variety of products in up to 30 variations. The simple design of this machine allows the operator to turn over and switch between different products in just a few minutes. The simplicity and efficiency of IZR setup, cleanup and maintenance can make a big difference in your output. Airo can now train partners on how to fill products on his one machine instead of multiple machines. This is another big advantage.

Strong partnerships go a long way

As a result of the partnership, Airo Brands has been able to implement automated solutions that evolve with the industry to accommodate their diverse product portfolio and growing footprint. Erik Stewart, his COO of Airo Brands, said: “Thompson Duke Industrial machines handle viscosity, temperature and processing challenges with ease, which is exactly what we need to create consistency and quality across our growing business.”

How to choose the right equipment for your business success

When choosing cannabis equipment, it’s important to work with partners who can develop innovative solutions to meet the evolving industry needs. Simplicity is key in the mechanical world. Streamlined setup, simple maintenance processes, and rapid product turnover improve operational agility. For companies managing multiple partners, being able to train a team on a single machine is also an advantage.

As your business expands into new markets, consider your equipment’s adaptability, scalability, and ability to deliver high-quality, consistent products. Airo Brands is an example of how automation can drive unprecedented growth. Thanks to the efficiency and speed introduced through automation, the company has been able to expand its presence in his 17 states and increase SKUs from 38 to 180.

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