Illinois Announces Launch of Cannabis Disparity Study

Illinois Announces Launch of Cannabis Disparity Study

of Illinois Bureau of Cannabis Regulation and Oversight (CROO) on February 7th, Research on cannabis inequality and availabilityappointing contract groups to find examples of discrimination within the local cannabis industry.

according to crewthe study “collects and analyzes data to report on whether discrimination exists in the Illinois cannabis industry.” CROO says on their website“If discrimination is found to exist, the Disparity Study will assess the impact of discrimination on the state and its residents regarding entry and participation in the state’s cannabis industry. Includes recommendations to reduce or eliminate.”

research is Look up Laws and Courts It includes research on cannabis, cannabis and inequality, conducts interviews, creates focus groups for public input, and compiles data related to the state’s cannabis application process and business information.

A final report should be sent to the General Assembly and the Governor within 12 months, including “potential remedies” to amend current cannabis regulations. “This initiative is an important assessment of the state’s socially equitable licensing system for cannabis,” he said. Deputy CROO Officer Erin Johnson“I look forward to seeing a final report that truly captures the voice of Illinois’ Social Equity applicants and our new cannabis businesses.”

This comes almost a year after the state requested to find someone to conduct the inequality survey in February 2022. Nerebu Groupa minority- and women-owned group of contractors based throughout Illinois and in out-of-state locations.

“Together with our partners, Nereb is honored to support CROO, IDFPR and IDOA to build a more inclusive and equitable cannabis industry.” Nerevu Group Founder and President Reuben Cummings“This research is essential in identifying potential disparities and appropriate remedies. We are excited to start this project and look forward to connecting with the larger cannabis community.” “

Legal adult-use cannabis sales will begin in 2020, and in July 2022 Gov. JB Pritzker announced that 149 conditional state licenses will be issued and available to Social Equity applicants. “Illinois is leading the effort in the war on drugs like no other state has ever done before, and pharmacy ownership that reflects the diversity of the state is a culmination of that effort,” Pritzker said. says. “These licenses represent an important step towards accountability for the decades of injustice that preceded the legalization of cannabis. Illinois has delivered on its promise to put equity at the forefront of this process. continue.”

Just months later, two of the state’s first socially equitable cannabis dispensaries ivy hall damen and green rose dispensaryopening in November 2022 in Chicago.

According to Ivy Hall Damen co-founder Nigel Dandridge, it took a long time for his business to take off. Dandridge said: “When this industry first opened up, there was no one in our community who was benefiting or could be a part of it. I think it’s important to be able to show you how we do it.We want to benefit everyone.Our staff work hard and we’re excited to share that with you. I have.”

Like other states in the United States, Illinois Rep. La Sean Ford recently introduced House Bill 1 to legalize psychedelics in January. Ford’s bill would allow residents over the age of 18 to seek supervised psychedelic therapy. We do not allow the retail sale of psilocybin and guarantee that any medicines purchased for therapeutic purposes at service centers must be used under the supervision of a physician and cannot be taken home. are permitted to provide treatment in regulated and licensed healing centers, approved medical facilities, hospices, or pre-approved patient residences.”

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