Washington Lawmakers Propose Raising Taxes on Higher Potency Weed

Washington Lawmakers Propose Raising Taxes on Higher Potency Weed

Cannabis consumers in Washington State may soon be subject to “Dunk Tux.”

Members of Congress have introduced a bill to tax marijuana products based on their percentage of THC.

In other words, the stronger the weed, the higher the price.

“Studies show that 12-50% of psychotic disorders can be prevented if potent cannabis products are not available.” Local News Station KXLY.

Davis believes the measures are necessary to combat what she describes as a “crisis.”

“If we don’t act now to address the new public health crisis caused by potent cannabis products, another epidemic will occur soon,” Davis added.

House Bill 1641 would “restructure the 37% cannabis excise tax into a tax of 37%, 50%, or 65% of the selling price, based on product type and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration.” Become. According to the official legislative summary of the measures.

“[Thirty-seven] Percentage of sales price for each retail sale of cannabis-infused products, usable cannabis with THC levels below 35%, and cannabis concentrates with THC levels below 35%. read the summary.[Fifty] Percentage of sales price in each retail sale of cannabis concentrates and usable cannabis with a THC concentration of 35% or more and less than 60%. 65% of the selling price of each retail sale of cannabis concentrates and usable cannabis with a THC concentration greater than 60%. ”

HB 1641, which was first heard last week, also establishes: According to the legislative summary:

“Prohibition on Marketing and Advertising Promoting Products with More Than 35% Total THC… Cannabis retailers selling cannabis products with more than 35% total THC to eligible patients or unspecified persons under the age of 25 Providers … Require cannabis retailers to provide point-of-sale information to consumers who purchase certain cannabis products, and develop the Liquor and Cannabis Commission optional training for retail staff. … requiring mandatory health warning labels for cannabis products containing more than 35% total cannabis products THC It should be labeled with the standard THC unit representation in … directing $1 million annually from dedicated cannabis accounts for targeted public health messages and social marketing campaigns.”

Not everyone is on board with this proposal, which has many sponsors.

Carol Earhart, who owns a clinic in the state, told KXLY that the proposed tax increase could lead to some negative effects.

“There’s this idea that THC pushes me further. The higher we price them, the more likely someone will buy the higher priced item. station.

“Right now, a product that sells for $40 above the 60% threshold goes for $47, almost $48. ” added Ehrhart.

Washington became one of the first two states to legalize recreational cannabis in 2012. Voters approved a bill that legalized possession and paved the way for a regulated market. (Colorado also approved legalization measures the same year.)

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