I’m an Average Dude in His Mid-30s. Can Weed Help Me at the Gym?

I’m an Average Dude in His Mid-30s. Can Weed Help Me at the Gym?

Anyone looking to make the gym a new habit should consider using cannabis if they aren’t already.

Used by waves of trainers and gym members, cannabis is reported to benefit you in a variety of physical and mental ways. I have seen personal benefits from using it. During that period, marijuana pre-workout helped me run the first mile under 10 minutes, feel less fatigued, and experience less post-workout soreness.

I wondered if pot helped shrubs like me, how many others, including high-performing individuals, were seeing similar benefits.

During the pandemic, I kept up with the pot fitness combo. It was something that was in my head, even if it wasn’t something that aired on .

By late 2022 I needed a change and re-enrolled at my old gym. I was wondering if I could get similar results as before. Will cannabis help me train? Or will my pointless sessions lead to better results? More importantly, will it magically help me figure out how to properly tune my abmachine? ?

I asked for an answer in late November. The plan was to get back in the gym and record my first month. I trained four times a week, two with cannabis and two without. The amount often depends on how much you ingested earlier in the day. On non-cannabis days, I avoided cannabis at least 3 hours before my workout. I brought some right after.

The first two and a half weeks went smoothly. Other than having a hard time “getting into the zone” and focusing on a non-pot day, I didn’t notice any key takeaways. The big reveal of that part of the test came when Miguel, the manager of a gym in Brooklyn, reported that “everyone” on staff used pot at some point in the day. I wondered if it was possible, but went ahead.

However, heavy colds and viruses in December affected my plans. Two head colds have made going to the gym reckless for myself and the public at large. Nevertheless, incontrovertible clinical analysis on the subject allowed me to confirm my hypothesis.

Working out without weed sucks. 0/10 stars, no doubt.

Now that an unbiased, Nobel-class lab analysis has been published, let’s dig deeper. But for most of us, that’s not the case. From my interactions online and with people at the gym, it looks like most of us use pot as part of our fitness routine before, after, or sometimes during our workouts. .

Bane Blacklow to lead South Florida B-Raw Fitness, a 25-year-old former athlete is a personal trainer. A consumer since high school, he said Blackraw smokes his joints before strenuous exercise.

“I love the fact that I can be very focused during my workout,” he said, adding that using cannabis makes him more relaxed. said.

Antonio DeRose, runner, endurance athlete and co-founder of cannabis-centric training brand green house healthy, talked about similar benefits. The Missouri-based brand, along with co-founder and wife Heather, has a team of 27 cannabis-consuming runners and cyclists who compete and educate about cannabis use.

“Consuming cannabis before a workout can help you feel better, focus more on the run or workout you’re trying to do, and stay in the zone during your workout,” says DeRose.

Reported results appear to be similar across the board. Whether you’re a high performing athlete or your average Joe/Jane, pot can help soothe your mind and body. I was happy to confirm

Working out with cannabis didn’t significantly change my performance in the gym. What I’ve noticed is that gym days with pot always made me feel better. I felt more engaged and focused when doing reps. Combined with the right music in your headphones, you’ll be ready to hit the gym with confidence like never before.

Shout out a series of playlists including Above & Beyond to help me get there group therapya Finnish metal band Ensiferum A lot of professional wrestling entrance songs are also included Kenny Omega When Jamie Hayter.

This combination did wonders for my mood. With music and pot running through me, I wanted to do my best. I pushed myself a little more. I didn’t feel like I was superhuman or stronger than that. Cannabis has made being in the gym more fun than ever. Being new to the gym, I was able to focus on the task at hand and laugh at myself when I did rookie moves like not knowing how to adjust the machines. I have to report that it didn’t help me figure out how to do it.

As with most things, weed alone won’t change the experience, but it seems to help a lot after the gym or a hard workout. If the whole staff is doing that, it means sticking with the pot until you notice bad results.When you come back after nearly three weeks off, you’re definitely hitting one hitter.

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