FDA Mulls Over CBD Regulation

FDA Mulls Over CBD Regulation

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) appears to be eyeing new regulations for certain CBD products, with announcements from federal agencies expected in the coming months.

of wall street journal, Citing agency officials, the FDA said this week that it was “studying whether legal cannabis is safe in food and supplements and how it will regulate an increasing number of cannabis-derived products in the coming months.” We plan to make recommendations regarding

“Given what we know to date about the safety of CBD, it raises concerns with the FDA as to whether these existing regulatory pathways in food and dietary supplements are suitable for this substance.” Janet Woodcock, Principal Deputy Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, said: said to Wall Street Journal.

According to the newspaper Woodcock “led the agency’s efforts to turn to cannabis regulation.”

Reuters report “After considering the evidence about the compound’s safety, the FDA will decide in the coming months how to regulate legal cannabis and whether it will require new agency regulations or new legislation from Congress. increase.”

outlet pointed out Followed by Wall Street Journal’A report on the news said, “Shares of U.S.-listed cannabis companies fell between 5% and 9% in afternoon trading.”

CBD products have exploded in the American market over the past four years after passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the production of industrial hemp.

But products are exceeding regulations, and some state and federal officials are rushing to catch up.

Earlier this year, Idaho regulators began enforcing a ban on CBD pet supplements, saying the state’s “new law has not legalized hemp in all environments and product types.”

“Similarly, Idaho law does not recognize hemp as a feed or therapeutic ingredient. Safe levels for hemp and hemp-derived products in animal feed have not yet been established under federal or state law. As such, these products are not approved feed ingredients and may not be added or incorporated into legally available commercial feeds. law,” the Idaho Department of Agriculture said in a memorandum.

“Now that hemp production has begun in Idaho, ISDA is working with new hemp licensees and animal feed companies to understand what is legal in the state. Interest in hemp has grown significantly, and these products are known to be available online and in retail stores. We are aware that there are,” the agency added.

Lack of regulation leaves some consumers fooled about the CBD products they are purchasing.

A Johns Hopkins Medicine study published in July found that many such products are mislabeled.

Researchers found that 18% of the products they analyzed contained 10% less CBD than advertised on the label. Less than a quarter of the products contained the same amount of his CBD as advertised.

“Misleading labels can substitute poorly regulated and expensive CBD products for established FDA-approved products that are safe and effective for certain health conditions,” it said. said lead author of the study, assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins University. School of Medicine, Tory Spindle.

“Recent research has shown that people using CBD products containing small amounts of THC may test positive for cannabis using conventional drug tests.

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