Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #36: Live from New York

Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #36: Live from New York

Belated congratulations on 4/20! We hope you enjoyed our special print version of the Police List that was uploaded last week. It was originally published in a magazine, but since it was the holidays, I didn’t want to rush a new one yet, so it was something safe to rip. This was meant to be product focused and have a more national feel to it rather than dunking on specifics, but I don’t think it’s a proper replacement for this month. return to the scheduled program.

For the second year in a row, players from all over the country (and the world) gathered in New York City last week to celebrate our favorite holiday. Like last year, this was also one of the record books.between the east coast Thelympics Incredible display in Terminal 5 first smoke of the day family bonding brunch, of Zushi From pop-up stores on the Lower East Side to traditional celebrations in Washington Square Park, we’re recovering from a marathon of events across the city. We dined at abandoned shopping malls in Chinatown, had regular insane meals at 2:30 a.m., and even watched scenes from the new Penguin Show filmed for HBO Max. It was very good in almost every respect.

So, in honor of this trip, #36 is a round-up of the dank things I found while wandering around town last week, various events. I said on social media a few weeks ago that I wasn’t going to take my buds with me on my trip, but the city offered so much more. Shout out to all the pals who have come to me throughout the week to try some flavors or have kind words about our efforts here. The love you showed in the city that raised you was incredibly special. thank you. again, Sasso – Thank you for your hospitality!

As always, no need to be a stranger. You need a village to find flames. I would love to hear what inspires you. Contact me on almost any platform here: @John Capetta

Courtesy Green Gold Collective

I’ve been hearing rumors about this guy for a while now, so imagine my surprise when I ran into a buddy on the other side of the country outside the Players Ball. That is, the first smoke of the day’s brunch. While I was waiting for the car, my buddy, his CGO (more on this person later) was talking to him and called me to check the car. There are many people growing great weeds now, and I quickly realized why so many were pointing me in that direction. I was only able to check out their Pink Lemonade, which was clearly outstanding, but I declare that when I return to California, I will make a trip dedicated to where they are. bag.

Photo by @cannafleuriste

I’m not going to lie, I’m extraordinarily rooting for these hometown heroes. But the flowers they grow show that they not only know what they’re doing, but they pay attention to detail. The rendition won the trophy for making the heaviest hitting cut of the competition, but it was their biscotti. An almost woody hint (not the chip flavor) that reminds me of an outdoor barbecue – it really got me hooked. This rendition rekindled my obsession with what feels like an all-new swag.

Courtesy All Kings

Another true New York brand, All Kings, was a brand new name to me, but I’m glad I found it. Actually raised in the states, they showed us two cuts of him, OG and “Grapehead.” OG was definitely a dope variety, but what I have to let you know was Grapehead. The smoky flavor gave a pure wine that I wasn’t expecting. I’m talking that sweet artificial grape flavor.

Courtesy Thoronet

New finds from Good Pizza and his breeding partner Exotiks916 buddy, I’m really excited about this Torone stash I was blessed with last week. These guys are now based out west, but GP is a native New Yorker like me and as Italian as they are, so all his cultivars have some kind of Italian American There is a human theme. Named after a popular honey almond treat in our homeland, this new cut is delicious. I’m not sure how much it actually smells like dessert, but it has this wonderful pine-like menthol nose that I can’t get enough of and it smokes like a dream.

Courtesy The Book Club

This is another one whose name got to me before flowers and I am happy to report that from my perspective the hype here is real. In a chapter (admittedly I missed the first part), Osi showed me that this is a truly enthusiast-driven brand, cut from just about every angle.And while I often hear people raving about the nose and flavor, it was this effect that really shined. Trevy’s page first seen. Now, it’s worth acknowledging that basically he should listen whenever Trev says something worth checking out.

Credit: @gas_roots

If you’ve read any of these in the past, you may recognize that I’m a big fan. Doja And the flowers he brought to the market. I’ve been raving about some of the cultivars and his party, but perhaps his most impressive move to date is the development he’s made out of state. While pumping out gear on the level of , his latest collaboration with New York City’s The Mechanic has me super geeky. See, the mechanic was flipping some Doja beans, and while I was stupid enough not to be at the tasting party to see most of the new cut, the cherries he grew were me is as good as you’ve ever seen – potash or otherwise.

Courtesy Dallas Growers Club

They’re not from New York, but they’re not from Dallas either. Well, at least not in that Dallas. Originally from Oregon, they pride themselves on growing “rare cannabis” and I have to say they live up to that tagline. is ready. They were all delicious tasting, but both the Pure Michigan and the Strawberry Driver were worth taking home. I can’t say anything about it, but it’s the successor to Mendo Breath and has a strong taste, so if you remember that, try adding a little sweetness. What’s not to love?

offered by Surf’s Up Exotics

Another out-of-towner I met on this trip was Surf’s Up Exotics and they had a new star, ‘The Wave’. Both the nose and appearance of these buds were certainly top-notch, and I could see immediately what they were getting excited about. It was actually Wave’s flavor. The nose had a minty, runsy expression at first, but this one has a licorice-like nuance in the smoke that gets stronger as the joint progresses. It’s a fun smoking experience that will keep you craving long after you’ve cashed in. The highs are pretty nice too, not as drag as you’d expect from something dark and sweet, but flavorful!

Courtesy Gotti

To complete this list, we have to mention Gotti, the big winner of the East Coast showdown. Her Zkittlez x Zoap selection, which won the 1st place trophy for best overall, 1st place for her for best tasting and 3rd place for best scent, is worthy of commendation. I will admit that this is the first time I’ve heard of these guys. This is probably the tastiest tasting smoke from Zoap cloth I have ever tried.

courtesy conchis

Of all the new brands we came across last week, this one was probably the most unexpected and weirdly evocative. What resonated was the uniqueness of the whole experience. With insane cultivar names like ‘Green Eggs & Ham’ (shout out to Dr.) and ‘Cape Cod Saltwater Taffy’, it was his ‘Pineapple Chroma’ that stopped the show for me. With a true pineapple scent and this weird menthol in the background, this was his one of the best tasting new flavors I found on this trip. I didn’t hate the crazy sonic strain either, but pineapple, man…there’s real magic there.

Courtesy DeLisioso

This is the first time I’ve heard of DeLisioso. Founded by America’s longest-serving non-violent cannabis prisoner, Richard Delici and his son Rick, Delicioso is the version of the American dream that turns lemons into lemonade. Less than a year after Richard’s release, he launched the brand and this was the first time he actually held their flowers. I tried two cultivars (purple and yellow sacks, no further labels though) and they were both delicious, but there’s something really special about that yellow sack. I’m not sure how to describe it as the nose is completely different than most of the current market, but the smoke is incredibly clean and has a high motivation to knock half of this list out in no time. there was!

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