The Cannabis Guide to Injectables

The Cannabis Guide to Injectables

While many cannabis users accept the signs of aging and effortlessly turn into beautiful clones as they age, there are others like me who are vain. Teenagers enjoy looking better. Topical products such as eye creams, including those with CBD, provide valuable hydration and even anti-inflammatory properties, but frankly, I want to get rid of wrinkles and add volume to my face, which I’ve naturally lost with age. Injections, if any.

I am a 35 year old woman with botox. And when the book launch party was approaching, Weed Witch: The Essential Guide to Cannabis for Magic and HealthI also decided I wanted under eye and cheek fillers to restore the lost volume under my eyes. botox (usually lasting about 3-4 months) blocks chemical signals from nerves that contract muscles, relaxes facial muscles and smoothes out wrinkles. By comparison, fillers are typically gel-like substances made of hyaluronic acid, a natural polysaccharide found in skin and cartilage, that are injected under the skin to restore lost volume. , lasting from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the variety you get. Today, Botox and fillers are often used together. Those new to the plastic surgery game tend to associate fillers with lips. All that said, fillers can be used to restore lost volume in cheeks, enhance jaws, or even be used for non-surgical nose jobs.

Botox is the number one non-invasive cosmetic procedure and fillers are currently come secondWe have to tell our readers something important to all fans who watch their favorite pop stars. For celebrities, injections are as common and expected as using night creams. , is part of the job description of projecting one’s face on a screen (and it’s not just women). “You’re not ugly, you’re just poor” are very realistic. Botox and fillers can cost hundreds to thousands depending on what and where you do it. But if you don’t know these cosmetic secrets, seeing celebrities who are “ageless” (those who use fillers or Botox) can set unrealistic standards of beauty. can’t call me a liar. Because I am always honest with you.

But while I was trying to budget and plan my filler appointments, Dr. David Shafer, Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue, found very little information for cannabis users interested in injectables. Are there any interactions? Should I worry? “There are no contraindications to using cannabis products and getting dermal filler injections,” Dr. Schaefer reassures me. You can also have cannabis and vanity.

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But charming witches of ganja, that doesn’t mean you should show up stoned for your appointment. The same common sense applies to cannabis and injectables. Probably not meant to hurt you, but let’s be honest. Cannabis reduces inhibition. This can lead to asking for more filler than you need or can afford, and you don’t want to get expensive during any procedure involving needles in case it leads to anxiety. have to give informed consent, so they can’t really show up stoned for their procedure,” says Dr. Shaffer. I’m sure it will help,” he adds.

As you can see in these pictures, Dr. Schaefer has done an impeccable job with my fillers. His office offered all the glorious glamour, but also the security and confidence you could ask for in a plastic surgeon’s office.With 19 tattoos he has 12 piercings and has previously I received fillers and botox. Needles don’t scare me. It feels good to have fillers because it makes me feel glamorous. It takes about two weeks to fully soothe, but you’ll see results right away (Botox takes about two weeks to see that frozen magic you’ve been asking for).

Doctors recommend avoiding alcohol and blood-thinning drugs after or before injections, as cannabis can cause increased bleeding.However, cannabis reduces anxiety. Some doctors say it’s okay to use cannabis to relax before surgery, as long as you understand the risks. increased bruising and bruising,” says a board-certified dermatologist. Dr. Jesse Chan“Therefore, if there is a social event close to treatment time, it is advisable not to smoke prior to entry. However, it is perfectly acceptable to use it prior to entry to reduce anxiety and comfort levels.” is not.”

Being aware of the risk of bruising and wanting to be completely clear as a journalist and patient, I did not use cannabis prior to my appointment, but later at home I used edibles for pain relief (beauty day Smoking seemed counterintuitive). About 8 hours after taking the filler, my cheek was a little sore and I had a slight bruise around the injection site, so I ate light food to relax and sleep. I didn’t take any over-the-counter pain relievers because cannabis worked for me. “Many patients are surprised when I tell them that it’s okay to continue using cannabis after treatment. They’ve found cannabis products that help with post-treatment and post-surgery pain,” says Dr. to ease my concerns about using cannabis later. It seems (not post-fillers or botox prescribed for surgeries such as rhinoplasty, but I’m looking at you, opiates).

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So, in short, if you’re a cannabis user interested in fillers, don’t throw too many stones for your procedure. For extreme caution, please wait 24 hours before using cannabis.A little while ago, I Stoner reported on his Swifty community and requested an interview for an article on his 13 years as a journalist. said they had never received so many. This one was the opposite. Despite knowing countless people who use cannabis to get injections, very few people wanted to talk about it.As someone who originally started cannabis as a PTSD and anxiety sufferer Of course, injections and other procedures are between you and your doctor, and you have all the right to privacy. I have the right. But after diving into the crossroads of cannabis, injectables, and celebrity culture, my main concern is the continued silence around getting Botox and fillers, not harmful medical interactions. Thanks to , more people have been honest about injectables, but especially when it comes to celebrities, knowing enough about plastic surgery a mile away, even through an Instagram filter, to say, “This is It’s just my face” claim is much more common. So for all the weed witches out there who wish to live deliciously and emptyly, if you choose to take your job seriously, please be honest about why nobody seems to be getting old anymore. Please know you are contributing to spreading the word. CBD is great, I wrote the whole book on itbut that’s not why you look better at 35 than at 25.

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